About Me

My most recent achievement is the publication of my second book, Jamaica Is In – Sport and Tourism https://www.bookfusion.com/books/117289-jamaica-is-in-sport-and-tourism

I have had close to 30 years of work in Marketing, Media and Communications in key areas to cover news, sport, tourism and entertainment at the practitioner’s and administrative levels. She has been a journalist for the same period and has covered news and sports globally during that time.

I have the enjoyable task of being the head of marketing and communications for the West Indies Cricket Board; I took that post, December 1, 2015.

I completed studies in New York and returned to Jamaica in 1998 she served in senior government and private sector organisations undertaking tasks to include brand development, brand communication and execution of campaigns in niche and emerging markets. I also have undergraduate training in Marketing, Broadcasting and Journalism; and post graduate in Human Resource Management. I am a certified Project Manager.

One of the best jobs was being publicist for Usain Bolt for 4 years. This gave me opportunities of a lifetime. I got into the Social Media space so much, that I am ranked by Twitter in the top 100 most followed management experts worldwide.

The first book is Keeping Jamaica’s Sport on Track  (2007).   I blog mostly on sport, but will drop a few political opinions on occasions.

I read a lot when I am traveling.


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