About Me

A third book is on the way. It will cover my journey in Cricket along with how I maneuvered my way as a gatekeeper for Sport in the Caribbean, while remaining relevant and in touch with my international colleagues.

The second book looked in depth at Sport and Tourism. The title, so named Jamaica Is In – Sport and Tourism https://www.bookfusion.com/books/117289-jamaica-is-in-sport-and-tourism

The journey is now about 30 years of work in Media, Marketing, Communications and Public Relations working with a range of clients from Government, Corporate and Sport. During that time I had the enviable task of being the publicist for Usain Bolt for four years. Now, I am part of a team which is working towards getting fans to #Rally arouncropped-cropped-20171012_090158.jpgd the West Indies cricket team – the heartbeat of the Caribbean.

With social media becoming one of the major places where folks look for information, I keep myself aware and was even ranked by Twitter in the top 100 most followed management experts worldwide between 2011 and 2013.

The first book is Keeping Jamaica’s Sport on Track  (2007).   I blog mostly on sport, but will drop a few political opinions on occasions.

I read a lot when I am traveling.


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