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Chris Taylor looks to return for the 2019/2020 season

The following is a statement from Christopher Taylor

KINGSTON, Jamaica – Since my last run at the Grace/ISSA Boys and Girls Championship in March this year, I discovered I have an injury which requires me to seek extensive treatment. I have decided to undergo that treatment overseas along with recovery.

At the new facility

My focus now is full recovery for the 2019/2020 track and field season.

Leading up to “Champs” a lot of misinformation has been published and I want to use this opportunity to clear the air.

  • There was an incident with a teacher and members of the track team in December 2018
  • At no time during that incident I made any physical contact with any teacher
  • The incident was unfortunate and as the Captain of the track team at the time, I acted in the most responsible way, which I believed helped to prevent any further physical altercations

That said, I am satisfied that I have served Calabar with distinction on and off the track. I achieved a number of personal and professional goals while being a student and I want to use this opportunity to thank my family, the entire school family (past and present) and the Jamaican people at home and abroad.

Working out

While I am overseas, along with my rehabilitation process, I will also be looking at opportunities for tertiary education. As soon as more updates are available, my team will communicate the progress made.

Thanks for the continued support.

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A better TV product can drive bigger pay day for track and field athletes

JANUARY 2:  With the World Cup Football scheduled for this summer, the television viewership for football will increase even more. It is already number one, boasting up to 3.5 billion viewers.

The draw for the ‘greatest show on earth’ sets up for a highly competitive series of games. Pundits have begun to suggest that groups D and G are the ‘groups of death’ and so we anticipate chart stopping performances not just from those groups, but all round. See the draw in the groups

So far though, the sport of football has taken away significant portions of funds available for sports for this year, as the exposure to any product/service from June 12 to July 13 is key to any global brand. With the Commonwealth Games scheduled for Glasgow, Scotland from July 23 to August 12…the question is, how will those Games fare in terms of ability to attract big bucks for TV rights?

The USA college system is projected to seeing $2.3 billion of funds flowing up to 2020 and while they are trying to determine whether to adopt a play-for-pay model, the other sports could very well be affected by its ability to raise funds. Bear in mind, the collegiate system is not a professional league.

Let’s look at the NBA, where in 2007, ABC/ESPN and TNT paid a combined 7.4 billion to the NBA to air games on television. That revenue though is divided into 30 and those are the amount of teams in that league. Can that even be possible in track and field?

The NBA has made their game a made-for-tv-event and so its revenues are directly related to television audiences worldwide, even though the franchises separately, have created a variety of experiences in the respective cities. Think what happens in the major cities if you are a Los Angeles, Miami, Oklahoma, or a New York fan.


Track and Field has to create a package which is more television friendly outside of the Olympic and World Championship experience to sustain and improve the value of the sport in between those times and so sets itself up to be able to offer more to its athletes. The salaries for track and field athletes are not comparable to their colleagues in other disciplines.

The effort by Doyle Management to bring the ‘American Dream” template to track and field, may just be the game-changer. The plan to launch this year will see at least five events with on and off the field activities starting in May aimed at reaching the super fan, the TV fan and curious onlookers.

The USA market has been deemed the marketing capital of the world, and has been known to influence television viewership in several sporting disciplines…maybe just maybe it is time for track and field. The IAAF could very well develop a new marketing programme which could attract way more athletes, increase revenue and improve its image by adding the element of a product friendlier for television.  The IAAF could also target up to ten venues across the globe which can be re-defined for a greater fan experience – in and around Europe, but with some focus on the Americas, north and south.

The sport industry’s value is not decreasing, but is more available to the best packaged product. The track and field athletes are on the same magazine covers, same night time television shows, have been known to tilt television ratings, but earn significantly less…that should change up to 2016 (next Summer Olympic Games) and beyond.

Over to you IAAF! 

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Public Education the only answer

JULY 16 – Jamaica’s track and field is being scrutinized from top to bottom and the news of the adverse findings of A samples by some of the island’s best athletes have brought some major issues, up close and personal. 

Jamaica’s track and field history has been well recorded since 1948, but with the obvious, “you are as good as your last activity” phrase – this could wipe that excellence away if the process to clear the names of the athletes and by extension show that the management of the sport is in capable hands, is not handled strategically. 

We have heard recently of issues with doping in Turkey, USA and now Jamaica. What those administrations/personalities have done is 

  • Acted decisively
  • Taken full responsibility 
  • Opted to recover by doing investigations to clear names and identify procedures
  • Spoken frankly 

We have a tendency to act surprised or react emotionally in a dilemma or crisis, but as the world progresses with information spreading like wild fire in a jiffy, Jamaica’s slow, laid-back approach to communication has to be direct, factual and focused on highlighting transparency and reconciliation. 

To say the Brand is not affected, one has to be comatose. The athletes are the most superior ambassadors and have carried the positive outcomes of the Brand for such a long time. What the news of the athletes has done is show a gap in our management and the industry deserves much better. 

The governing body, the associated agencies and the public and private corporate society must support by offering assistance to channel its resources into 

  • public education and awareness
  • refocusing its attention to development 
  • building and repairing the negatives of the Brand 
  • being part of campaigns to re-assert the image/reputation as one which exemplifies discipline, dedication, commitment and fair play. 

We all can decide that the athletes are not cheaters, however the system/procedure by which they have been caught is one internationally used and to fight that requires unity of purpose by our actions. 

We can always look back and say, “we could have done that” however, the blow has already been thrown and the best action now is to look at corrective measures. 

Track and field therefore requires 

  • Efficient and Effective management 
  • Strategic approach to the Business of the Sport 
  • Focused attention on all the parts/areas of the Sport
  • Intervention to minimise the negative impact
  • Technical support to assist in demystifying the myth that one has to cheat to win 

There are measures by which these can be achieved, but it requires the will, mindset and the people to make it work. 

Let’s focus our attention and energies to repair the sport we all love.