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Emceeing is a real job

An emcee is a host or facilitator of an event. So whether it is a conference, seminar, workshop, stage show or even a political conference, the role of an emcee is to ensure the audience is engaged and made to understand what the event is all about.

What does that mean? The emcee sets the tone, warms up the audience and ensure one items flows smoothly from one to the other.

That therefore means, the emcee has to be prepared. Research, background information and even access to the stage and venue are key things to ensure an emcee’s job happens without any major issue.

As the event organizer, you MUST provide the emcee with the following:

  • History of the event
  • List of presenters with bio-data
  • List of performers with bio-data
  • Guests and status for salutations
  • Date for a visit to the venue before the event

This job of an emcee is one that is a paid gig. Make no mistakes.

The emcee has to prepare and be appropriately dressed for the occasion. The emcee also has to have reliable transportation. There are some rules that apply:

  • Evening/Night events must include accommodation
  • Day events should attract parking close to the venue’s stage, room
  • A liaison should be assigned to the host to ensure back up (this may vary from a running order printed, with corrections, bottled water at room temperature
  • Ensure there is proper seating close to the stage or at an appropriate place backstage
  • If a wardrobe change is needed, ensure there is sufficient access with facilities

Finally, arrange for a sound check an hour before the event.

An emcee, can opt to have a deposit of up to 50 per cent before event and final payment must be made on the day of the event.

Enjoy the evening!