Women’s Squash Week

It’s Women’s Squash Week. Jamaica will not be left out. 

The World Squash Federation has designated September 17 – 24 as the week to bring additional attention to the sport and to bring about a greater awareness. 

To commemorate the week, the Jamaica Squash Association will host two events today (Wednesday, September 21) and Thursday at the Liguanea Club and Mona respectively. Both days, the event will start at 6pm. 

President, Karen Anderson, on the heels of hosting a successful Caribbean Championships, wants more women to get involved in the sport.

Anderson in her appeal, says “women can play, officiate or serve as administrators in the sport. We want as many women to feel comfortable knowing they can contribute.” 

Anderson, who has been active since 1982 as a Junior player, now serves as a coach, official and plays in the veteran’s category. She recently accompanied Jamaica’s national team to the Commonwealth Games in the UK. 

Some other outstanding women include: 

  • Katherine Risden – current U17 Caribbean champion 
  • Mehar Trehan – current U15 Caribbean champion
  • Sanjana Nallapati ranked 3rd in the u17 in the Caribbean 
  • Mia Todd ranked 5th in U19 Caribbean 
  • Savannah Thomson former U13 Caribbean champion 

The national championship is set for November. 


Jamaica to host 37th Caribbean Squash Championships

Nicolette Fernandes, Guyana

KINGSTON, Jamaica – The 37th running of the Caribbean Senior Squash Championship will take place in Jamaica, August 21 – 27 at the Liguanea Club in Kingston. 

Barbados, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Guyana, St Vincent & the Grenadines, Trinidad & Tobago and host country Jamaica are the eight countries who will field approximately 140 participants for the one week tournament. 

Chris Binnie who is currently ranked #1 in the region is among the top Jamaica players who have won Senior CASA titles. Binnie is a 9-time All Jamaica and Caribbean Senior Men’s Champion. 

Nicolette Fernandes, defending champion in the female section from Guyana has registered to participate. The tournament will also feature 13-time All Jamaica Senior Women’s Champion, Karen Anderson.

Fierce competition is expected from Adrian Grant former world #9 playing for Jamaica in his first CASA, young national champion, Shomari Wiltshire from Guyana, Chayse McQuan from T&T and Adam Murrils from the BVI. 

Teams will start arriving from August 19. 

Corporate support includes title sponsors Wisynco through their brand, WATA; Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF); Jamaica Olympic Association (JOA); Sports Development Foundation (SDF); Ernst & Young; Fleetwood; Levy Cheeks and Best Dressed Chicken. 

Chris Binnie, Jamaica

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Jamaica, a sport destination?

For years, Jamaica has performed well in international spaces in track and field, cricket, football, netball, basketball, hockey, swimming… and I could go on. Much has been discussed about Jamaica as a destination that produces athletes of the highest caliber; but also a destination that can host sport. That is how the economic cycle turns.

As a background, the Jamaican system has never been able to record a correct estimate of the contribution of the sport industry to its gross domestic product (GDP); but the Planning Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ) in its annual public, the Economic and Social Survey of Jamaica (ESSJ) suggests that sports and entertainment contribute a combined figure of up to 3.5 per cent.

The GDP as reported for the 2019 period is $14.516 billion. The sport figure would therefore be close to $500 million.

When the Government presented its 2019/2020 budget for $803 billion the allocation for sport was $4.119 billion; a figure that has shown steady increase over the years. Certainly, in the last decade the country has participated in two Summer Olympic Games – 2012, 2016 and was about to go to its third in 2020, now postponed to 2021.

For the 2022/2023 budget cycle, the overall figure is estimated at 912 billion. The allocation for sport is 4.4 billion which is .48 per cent of the overall budget.

For that table to turn, we need a model that speaks to

  • Properties – leagues, teams and athletes earnings
  • Rights Management – gate, media and marketing rights
  • Events – this is now an experience in a cutting edge venue
  • Content

One of the best examples of how the four areas mentioned above co-exist, was when the ICC developed and implemented T20 cricket. We know how that has gone.

Talent alone won’t sell and if Jamaica is to earn from Sport and Entertainment it must have venues that can host events. The venues on the island could do with some modernisation and even additional (new) venues to stay in the game.

Because of our developing nation status, we have to plan way head of time and set targets. The time to start is now, if not before.

The ideal events are single sport. MultiSport events are outside of reach at this point, as the legacies have not shown the requisite ROI in even developed nations.

That value-added is needed. Based on global figures, football, basketball, cricket, golf events and extreme sport have the biggest potential for revenue. We should look at a plan (again). Reactivate Jamaica Sport. And oh, by the way, Sport Conventions are a massive way to earn.

Tryall Golf Course, Jamaica
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Roman Parks get MVP for basketball

For immediate release 

Monday, August 1, 2022

KINGSTON, Jamaica – P.h.a.s.e 1 is the winner of the inaugural Jamaica Basketball Showcase title. They defeated Caribbean Basketball Academy (CBA) 59 – 46 in the final on Saturday at the UTECH Auditorium. 

P.h.a.s.e 1 went through the preliminary round winning all four of their matches to get to the top of the table. Their scores read: 

  1. 51-35 winners over Central Warriors 
  2. 42-34 winners over CBA 
  3. 49-43 winners over Lignum Vitae 
  4. 49-41 winners over Hummingbirds 

CBA on the other hand was 3 – 1 going into the final match 

Their scores were: 

  1. CBA 55 – Hummingbirds – 37 
  2. Lost to P.h.a.s.e 1 – 34 – 42 
  3. 39 – 36 win over Central Warriors 
  4. Triple Overtime win 80 – 75 over Blue Mahoe 

Most Valuable Player for the tournament was Roman Parks of Lignum Vitae. Other sectional prizes went to 

  • Rebounds – Roman Parks (Lignum Vitae) 
  • Top Scorer – Alex Levy (Blue Mahoe) 
  • Most Steals – Maliek McCarthy (Blue Mahoe) & Anthony White (P.h.a.s.e 1) 
  • Most Free Throws – Roman Parks (Lignum Vitae) 
  • Most Blocks – Nicholai Brown (P.h.a.s.e. 1) 

Parks lamented that although his team came close to getting into the final “I was happy to be able to play in a tournament.” That is the sentiment of the players. 

The majority of each team were players 23 and under; while they had two older players drafted per team. 

The Showcase honored six stalwarts who have contributed to the all-round development of the game. The six honorees were – Mrs Elaine Barker, Simone Edwards, Roger Marshall, Howard McCatty, Gordon Porter and Dr Howard Harvey. 

This was the first competition since March 2020 and JaBA president, Paulton Gordon was complimentary to Sports Innovators Group (SIG), organizers of the event; while CEO of SIG, Paul Campbell, is looking forward for this event to be on the calendar. 

The tournament featured 75 players, 15 team officials, 6 referees, four table officials and a list of volunteers supported by GC Foster College. 

Special guests for the event came from 30 young boys and girls from the Majesty Garden community. Sponsor partners featured were Express Fitness, KFC, A Peart Advisory Services. GKMS Online (Western Union), Mailpac and Suretime Medical. 

Tournament information may be found 


Dandre Forbes
CBA vs Central Warriors (red)

75 male basketball players will be on parade

KINGSTON, Jamaica  – When the inaugural Jamaica Basketball Showcase (JBS) tips off on Thursday morning at 10:00, the 75 male players will represent some of the best of the island’s basketball players. 

The six team, three days tournament, will feature current, previous and potential national players. 

The teams will assemble players from all across the island. The players that should be outstanding should come from DeAndre Forbes, Matthew McGowan, Anthony Whyte, Jean Paul Campbell, Odaine Clahar and Brendon Dawkins. 

The top prize will include cash and a trophy. There will be six sectional awards. They are top free throw shooter, top in steals, assists, rebounds, blocks and the tournament MVP. Each day, the tournament will feature a player of the match. 

In year one of the event, Sport Innovators Group (SIG) has managed to attract an impressive list of sponsor partners. The event is endorsed by Jamaica 60 and sanctioned by the Jamaica Basketball Association. 

Joining the party are KFC Jamaica, Express Fitness, Courts Ready Cash, Western Union, A Peart Advisory Services, Wisynco (WATA) and Mailpac. The partnerships have also expanded to include massage therapists students from the GC Foster College and students who participate in mini-camps under the tutelage of INSPORT will also be in attendance.

The Medical Services are being provided by SureTime Medical.

The three-day event will be held at the University of Technology Auditorium.


Experience Kingston, June 23 – 26

…with Track and Field and so much more

KINGSTON, Jamaica – When the first event goes off on Thursday, June 23 for the start of the National Junior and Senior Track and Field Championships, the National Stadium will be the centerpiece of the action in Kingston that weekend. 

In what could be determined, already, as one of the most exciting Championships in recent years, track and field pundits are all salivating at the keen and fierce competitions that will be on. 

I won’t even attempt to list all the events, but certainly Kevona Davis’ 10.95 (0.9m/s) in the 100 meters at the Big 12 Championships, becoming the 19th Jamaican woman to run a sub 10 seconds in that event, makes for an interesting match up. 

The list of events in and out of Jamaica before June 23 will also feature exciting competition among sprinters, hurdles, throwers and jumpers, particularly among the women. 

National Stadium

The men, not to be outdone, have their own battles in the hurdles, jumps and throws. 

While the focus will be on the track and field, Kingston will be on show and patrons of sport and entertainment will have options of some of the best music, live and recorded, food and just the vibe of the creative city, Kingston. 

Business partners are about to close in on the packages that are available. 

The meet will be broadcast on radio, television and online to viewers globally as this weekend is “expected to be epic,” says a track and field insider. 

Experience Kingston will focus on the diverse, yet cultural offerings of the city which “has something for everyone in the Family.” 

For those out of town or off island: 

Come for the track and field, stay for the vibe. 

The Championships will feature: 

  • Keen competition in events in both Junior and Senior 
  • Entertainment with a live DJ and MC 
  • Special food service for selected blocks of seats 
  • Ability to book your seats ahead of time (early bird and regular) 
  • Opportunity to win prizes and surprises 

It’s a family affair when you Experience Kingston, June 23 – 26. 

Carifta 49
Athletes Dancehall Entertainment JTB Media Music Reggae

Kingston – the place to be in June

Spend one week in Kingston (June 22 – 29) and experience the joy of seeing the fastest athletes in the world; a chance to feel the beat and rhythm of the city; while taking an adventure out to one of the mountains.

This is going to be a once in a lifetime opportunity. The governing body for track and field will host its National Championships, June 23 – 26. Four days of fast-paced, breathtaking, competitive and fierce battles to make the teams for global and regional meets. Tickets will go on sale soon.

Come in a day early and find a spot where you will hear the drum of bass of Jamaica’s reggae and dancehall. The City will be jamming on and off the track.

Kingston’s pull is the pace, the lights, the sound, the color and of course, the people.

Book your ticket now. Kingston, the heartbeat of the Caribbean awaits you.

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Fan engagement for sporting fans – Jamaica

More and more, sporting bodies are partnering with digital and social media entities to ensure fans are engaged for live and televised sporting events. 

As sporting fans were forced to stay home for the better part of two years and are now getting a chance to go back to venues, the rules of engagement have changed. The new sporting fan, while interested in the game, has a new mindset. 

They know the game, they know the athletes, but they want an experience. After all, studies have shown that while sporting (and entertainment) fans continue to grow exponentially, they are demanding so much more. Sporting event organizers will have to adjust from the traditional to the innovative to satisfy the consumer. 

In a sophisticated stadium digital is key. 

  • LED Screens everywhere 
  • Digital boards for branding 
  • Social media games and activities for products and services 
  • Charging stations 
  • Food court 
  • A fun-filled half time show (or during other breaks) 

While the fan in the stadium has this up close and personal, Fans at home want to feel like they are there too. The stations who take on sporting events as rights holders, while broadcasting the games are key; that behind-the-scenes interaction is key. What some networks have shown, with innovation, is a channel that has every single moment of broadcast on and off the field and even in the locker rooms. 

What does this mean for Jamaica? 

At the recently concluded Carifta 49 Championships, the organizers made an effort. Notwithstanding, the Bahamian band forced home crowd to compete and bring their own, but that “clash” was interesting and fans at home and in the stadium enjoyed it. 

With a live DJ and an MC fans had access to give-a-ways, cameo performances and even had gift items under their seats. Before they entered the venue, they had a 360 degrees tent that the children could enjoy and with Statue Park, pictures were part of the daily offering. 

Carifta 49 – Kingston

That is a good start, but in the coming year, hosts of events should be keen about how fans are brought into the picture. 

Here are some ways fans can get more and how brands can increase their value of sponsorship so that loyalty to teams and athletes become priority. 

  • From the ticket purchase (online or in person) there is an opportunity – offer a token 
  • Offer an option when the fan enters the venue via scan, to win something, again 
  • One option is a discount on any type of food 
  • Ensure merchandise is available 
    • Shirts, cups, caps, rags, seat cushions (all essential for a real fan) 
  • With covid, more of us now have personalized insulated cups, so no need to have bottles (plastic or glass) at the seats 
  • Get 20” TVs in the bathrooms and/or corridors 
  • Have an entertainment package (DJ, MC, and a range of live performances, tastefully done by event management teams) 
Malta Jamaica – Carifta 49

This is just a start. 

#JamaicaAt60 in the sporting sense, must and should update its sporting image and with the next generation of fans who (by design) are far less loyal, they should be looking forward to an experience at a sporting event. 

Event planners and folks who are doing budgets must make provisions. We are long gone pass the days when it’s just a game… it is now an experience. 


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Tickets for Carifta Games go on sale (online) April 11

KINGSTON, Jamaica – Tickets for Carifta 49 will go on sale on Monday, April 11. The sale will open with an online platform at and patrons will be able to obtain tickets from Tuesday, April 12 at the National Stadium ticket office from 9 am to 6pm.  

The cost for the tickets are as follows: 

  • Grandstand – Season Passes $7,000 or $2,500 per day 
  • Bleachers – $500 per day and $200 per day for Students 

Deputy Chairman for the Local Organising Committee (LOC), Ludlow Watts explained “we had to make some adjustments since the vaccine mandate has been removed. And certainly we wanted to maximise the opportunity to get the approved 70 per cent of capacity. That means after allocations to special groups including our sponsors, we will have approximately 2,500 Grandstand Tickets for sale. We aim to make the process as comfortable as possible.”

Watts also noted that some of the participating nations will be taking spectators with them and we are also making special packages available to them. He noted, “we will have discounts for large groups.”

The three day event will run from Saturday, April 16 to Monday, April 18. 

The list of partners so far are: Digicel, Sportsmax, Massy Distribution, Malta, Wisynco (WATA & Powerade); Recycling Partners of Jamaica, KONNEXX Services, University Hospital of the West Indies, JPSCo, Ministry of Sport and the Sports Development Foundation. 

The NACAC event has the endorsement of World Athletics and PUMA. Jamaica is hosting for the 8th time in the event’s history. 



MPs and Senators 15-overs cricket

Dear Editors 

The country has been going through quite a bit socially and I believe our leaders (on both sides) must create and facilitate suitable opportunities and avenues to show unity. 

I posted a suggestion regarding a cricket match competition on Twitter and the feedback I got was very positive. 

I did recommend that 

  • Floyd Green 
  • Julian Robinson 

… coordinate within their own spaces. 

See some details regarding the suggestion: 

  1. 15 overs game 
  2. To be broadcast on both TV stations LIVE 
  3. Time 3 – 6 pm
  4. Date – TBD 
  5. Day of the week – Wednesday 
  6. Each team must register up to 17 players 
  7. Two women must be on the field at ALL times 
  8. The women on each of their teams must bat at 4 and 7
  9. Dress Code – White (you may have your last names on the back of the shirt) 
  10. Both leaders MUST bat (if out, we move on) and bowl (at least one over) 


  • Jackie Williams 
  • Christopher Wright 
  • JCA Umpires may choose the third and TV replay official 


  • Sabina Park 
  • NO SPECTATORS (it will be live on both stations) 

JCA to manage Sabina Park with all the other accessories 
On hand must be 

  • St John’s Ambulance 
  • Water (WATA) and Powerade

The Sport Ministry is to

  • Find the appropriate gear and sizes for teams 

So there is a target to work towards, I am recommending Wednesday, May 18 – that gives each team time to 

  • prepare 
  • select their squads and coaches, managers, trainers, massage therapists

And for the media houses to get suitable advertising for the live broadcast.