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KINGSTON, Jamaica – Jamaica’s Reggae Girlz will play Scotland for the first time ever on Tuesday, May 28 at the Hampden Park in Glasgow.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

This match will the last official international friendly prior to the start of the World Cup fixtures on June 9 against Brazil. The make-up for the squad will be 23.

The Scotland/Jamaica encounter will serve as a prelude to the Reggae Girlz camp which will be in France, May 29 to June 5; while the team is scheduled to get into Grenoble on June 5 as part of FIFA’s regulations.

Scotland is ranked 20th and the Reggae Girlz 53rd. Jamaica is drawn in Group C against Australia, Italy and Brazil; while Scotland is in Group D to play England, Argentina and Japan.

The match is scheduled for 2:35 pm (Jamaica time).

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Volunteers ready for Kingston City Marathon

Kingston, Jamaica – Over 400 volunteers will be a part of the 7th Kingston City Run and the first Kingston City Marathon this Sunday, March 17. 

The volunteers hail mainly from Colleges and Universities in the Corporate area along with a diverse group of residents from across the country. The volunteers will be placed in areas to deal with: 

  • Marshalling water stops along the routes 
  • Water Stops coverage 
  • Record Keeping (to balance the electronic scoring) 
  • Photography 
  • Medal distribution 
  • Start and Close of races
  • Post-event activity in Emancipation Park 
Mrs Prudence Simpson

​Volunteers’ Manager, Prudence Simpson is pleased with the response from the team of volunteers “I am happy that the spirit of volunteerism is alive and well and from the meetings and sessions we have had, it is obvious people are still happy to share their time and talent to a worthy cause. It is one of the many positives about this event. This is our 7th year, and we have gotten great support from our volunteers.” 

The event is endorsed by the Jamaica Tourist Board and is supported by a cadre of sponsors. The main ones are: 

  • Jamaica Hotel and Tourist Association 
  • Life Span (been with us from Day one) 
  • MarksMan 
  • RJR Gleaner Group 
  • Kingston and St Andrew Corporation ​


  • Alpha Boys Institute
  • Open Arms Development Centre
  • Marie Atkins Night Shelter          
  • Food for the Poor 
  • Missionaries of the Poor 

Donations are accepted at 

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Governance in Sport

The credibility of sporting organizations has come into question a lot in the last decade with the rise in scandals. This has caused, what some believe, a decrease in public’s trust and by extension the process of democracy.

In the meantime, sport continues to strengthen its role as a major influential institution and its process is also one which is used across corporate and a range of other organizations.

According to Hums and McLean, sport governance refers to the exercise of power with consideration given to influence, authority and the nature of decision making.

In the Caribbean we have heard cries for better governance, but we ask what this really means. Sport Australia summarizes its focus on governance to look at adopting a culture that focuses on accountability. In a lot of other jurisdictions, accountability and processes that are used to impact on policy form the general argument about what good governance should really be.

In the UK, a new code for sport was developed in April 2017 which sets out the levels of transparency, accountability and financial integrity that is required for funding from the national lottery.

While the commercialization of sport has seen incredible growth in the last decade with increased revenues and revenue streams – one of the causes of governance failures must be the slow way, especially in this region (Caribbean) that, sport, which remains a voluntary institution, still have inadequate resources to govern the modern, commercial world of sport of today.

Here’s how Adidas structure looks. One of the world’s top sporting brands

Those reasons may not hold much today, even with those facts as there are some sporting bodies that have governed well. There are four key areas that should be placed as priority to ensure each sporting body meets its mandate for accountability.

These key areas are:

  • Checks and balances – this is a system which prevents concentration of power in any one place. The concept of separation of power looks at a system which accounts for decision making being done based on roles. This process can counter any outside influences.
  • Democracy is also key – this has to do with the public good and how it stacks up against autonomy. The structure of the democratic process must reflect the accountability required. We are looking key success factors such as a legal system, compliance and even a sanctioning process. Stakeholder participation is also key to a democracy along with the way people are elected to govern
  • Perception – how people feel. A sporting body must be transparent, and its communication model must show that. All factual matters of the organization must and show find its way to the public in a timely and consistent way.
  • Diversity in offerings – sport must meet the need to be socially, environmentally and ethically aware and while meeting all the other needs of operations must find a way to meet these other needs. As sport continues to establish itself and make an impact on the wider society, there is need to refresh its goals and objectives for a comprehensive role while achieving financial success

Steps must and should be taken to hold sporting bodies accountable. Stakeholders should therefore be mindful of the people they elect to serve; while focusing on what the outcomes should be.

Governance is a process and while it is our sport leaders where the buck stops, the process starts with us, electing people who are capable, able and willing to lead and manage sport in a way we can all benefit on and off the field of play.

Volleyball is in the top five richest sport in the world – see its structure

Some progressive news on governance – The IAAF will elect its first female vice-president this year as it continues its efforts to ensure that women are represented at the highest levels of the sport. As part of the widespread reforms adopted by the IAAF Congress at the end of 2016, the IAAF has added minimum gender targets into its constitution to establish parity at all levels in the sport’s governance. This is a welcome addition to the Business of Sport.


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KINGSTON, Jamaica – One of Kingston’s best eateries, Usain Bolt Tracks and Records will host the Welcome Party for the 7th running of the Kingston City Run.

The world-renowned facility, which has three other locations (Ocho Rios, Montego Bay and London) will feature as a targeted sponsor for the event which will host the first marathon in Kingston.

The “run” will be held under the theme Run Di City, Feel Di Vibe and a collaboration with Tracks and Records “Real Jamaican Vibes” is a match made for Kingston and “it promises to be a thriller to get the weekend’s event started,” says Angiel Shaw, head of marketing, Tracks and Records.

The welcome party is scheduled for Friday, March 15 and will feature one of Jamaica’s top entertainment DJ groups, Coppershot Disco. The 25-year-old group has been featured in several shows in Jamaica, Caribbean and in the USA.

The group is known for their style which consists of distinguished remixes, entertaining dubs, unique mixing, scratching and original jams of roots reggae, pop, soca, dancehall, hip hop, reggaeton and R&B.

The welcome party will be for registered participants in the Kingston City Run who will enjoy specials from the delectable menu.

The party will run from 7 – 9 pm.

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KINGSTON, Jamaica – Participants for the Kingston City Marathon, scheduled for Sunday, March 17 will have access to energy gel, cool sponges and towels, mist and music along the routes.

Race Director, Alan Beckford and his team are ensuring that the first (official) marathon to be run in Kingston has “entertainment along the route which will help to inspire the participants,” he noted.

Beckford, who admits to the tough task ahead is optimistic that “with runners taking the scenic route via places like Devon House, Bob Marley Museum, Kings House and Hope Gardens, I believe the run will be satisfying for all those who compete.”

The planning team is hoping to surpass 5,000 participants which would highlight an increase from last year’s figure (4,876). The team continues on its quests to target teams from corporate Jamaica, overseas participants and individuals from running clubs.

Beckford has some advice for first time participants, especially for the marathon

  • Pace yourself on the first lap
  • Drink at every water stop
  • Take energy gels you are accustomed to
  • Wear a cap, cool clothes and comfortable shoes
  • Wear Sun-block
  • Apply Vaseline under arms, feet and crotch
  • Take a water bottle if you can and
  • Get a partner to run with

The marathon route has been certified by the IAAF/AIMS.

The race director is happy so far with the preparations and he is hoping that the race will surpass last year’s target.


Proceeds from the event will be donated to four main charities.

  • Open Arms Development Centre
  • Marie Atkins Night Shelter
  • Food for the Poor
  • Missionaries of the Poor

Donations are accepted at 

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KINGSTON, Jamaica – Raul Gomez, host of the popular, MARATON MAN travel show in Spain will be participating in the Kingston City Marathon on Sunday, March 17.

The host, Gomez, travels around the world to compete in marathons and will make Jamaica his next stop. Gomez will be accompanied by a production crew of three.

The show has up to 3.7 million subscribers with a wide range of followers on social media.

Gomez, in an interview with the Kingston City Marathon, says “we will be in Jamaica two weeks before the marathon and will visit with athletes, philanthropists, in an attempt to dig deep into Jamaica’s culture and lifestyle.”

Co-Chair of the KCM, Nicola Madden-Greig, says “We are delighted that Raul has chosen Jamaica and the Kingston City Marathon is particular to be included in this wonderful travel and sports show”. Jamaica is known mainly for having great sprinters and as we focus on the longer distances, we are happy that our event will be able to showcase the other side of Jamaican athleticism, history and culture.


The target for the event is over 5,000 and “so far registration has been encouraging,” says Madden-Greig.

The marathon, the newly added event to the Kingston City Run, will also include a 5K, 10K and a half marathon.


Proceeds from the event will be donated to four main charities.

  • Open Arms Development Centre
  • Marie Atkins Night Shelter
  • Food for the Poor
  • Missionaries of the Poor

Donations are accepted at  

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Everybody needs friends

When one has a good friend life can become so much easier. Friendship can be defined as having mutual respect and trust. I know it can be complicated, but we will look at the types of friends you may have throughout your life and how you manage them.

I was challenged by my friend Kim to do this, so I am giving this my best shot. I guess I can also tell you a little about the friendship Kim and I have. We have other mutual friends. Started on Facebook and then we eventually met. Only to find out our paths crossed while we were both on the job a while back. That said, we share a few things in common, sport, drinks, photography and music. She is quite the adventurer, one of the types of friends I will describe for you later.

Everybody needs friends. EVERYBODY. So, no matter how much a loner you think you are (like I can be); you need a friend. That is the basis on which this piece is being written.

Friendship suggests LOYALTY – so the loyal friend is called today the “ride or die” – this is someone who you probably know from prep/primary school and knows everything about you and can be called upon at any time of day/night for anything. This friend is like family. This friendship is significant and is a priority.

Then there is the brutally honest friend, one who matter what, tells you the truth about life, love, work, children, food, clothes you name it, they tell it as they see it. This could also be a loyal friend, who is also brutally honest. Be happy if you have two wrapped in one. This is the friend that you ask an opinion if you are considering entering a singing contest, going on a date, buying a new car or taking a new job.

There is that friend who is like a “big brother/sister” – the one who offers the “best advice”. Now this has nothing to do with loyalty per se, it is called mentorship. This person would be an older, wiser friend who has tried, failed a few times and is now successful. They know the lay of the land and will guide you accordingly. I have one of those.

You need a friend who is outside of your culture. One who can be a touring partner when you are heading the other side of the world. Like attending games, concerts and to understand how others exist outside of your little space. Yes, I said little. The experience with someone your equal from another culture can only enhance what you already know. You meet these folks at a conference, for example, and you stay in touch.  Tip here: Travel to conferences and workshops outside of your region.

Aristotle is believed to have said that there are three types of friends you need.

  1. Utility
  2. Pleasure
  3. Good

I will leave you to figure this out.

Back to the other types of friends I am describing for you. Work Friend? Hmmmm – this one is tricky and must be well thought out. It has a lot to do with which department, who reports to who; workplace friendships can be hard; but it is worth a shot.

The adventurous friend comes in a few different stages of life. Well, from my experience, this is the friend you can call at 1am and go for a drink; take a long drive out to talk or book a ticket to go watch a concert in Los Angeles, Colombia or Brazil. This is the friend who takes vacation for carnival and CHAMPS every year, no matter what. This is also the friend who will go bungy jumping, walk across the Sydney bridge and go skiing on the Alps; or maybe even test-drive at GTR Nissan at the race way in Connecticut. I know you get my drift.

We are coming down to the wire. I will group the rest of categories. There is the neighbor who is and can be a friend. There is a friend who is ALWAYS late – you love them still, but you know the drill. Then, last, but not least, the one who is always drunk *eyes open wide* – yes, we all have those. No further comment needed.

Friends, all of us have them. Friends, all of us need them. Manage your life in the best way possible with a friend of your choice. If you have any three of the above, I mentioned, in one person or in three different persons, you are off to a great start.

My two tips to close

  • Be a friend to someone today
  • Call a friend who you have not spoken to in a while