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Rockers Takeover, Elizabeth Sloane sign 3-year IP management deal

KINGSTON, Jamaica – Rockers Takeover a brand owned and operated by Israel Group Limited has signed an Intellectual Property management deal with Elizabeth Sloane. The deal which has been inked for three years will see Elizabeth  Sloane managing the business development and commercialization of the Rockers Takeover brand and its Intellectual Properties. 

Rockers Takeover

Rockers Takeover is a platform established to preserve and promote Jamaica music, culture, art, and design globally will have its inaugural event on Saturday, February 22. 

The event is a Reggae Month listed and Jamaica Tourist Board endorsed event. The brand aims to use the 70s, 80s music to attract tourists, locals, and persons in the diaspora, also to educate about Jamaican culture, art, music, and design. The brand will be used as a platform to move around the world educating and exposing millions to Jamaican culture, music, design, and art. The platform which will take the form of an event will tour throughout the year starting with a Rockers Takeover Music Festival held in Kingston during Reggae Month.

Managing Director, Elizabeth Sloane, Melanie Wynter, explains “Jamaica creatives have suffered too long from the exploitation of the orange economy and as such will be using Elizabeth  Sloane as the brand to protect and grow IPs, managing the business development and commercialization of Rockers Takeover. 

Elizabeth Sloane whose expertise is business development, productizing, commercializing and market entry especially in West Africa and the Caribbean, will be responsible for the growth of the brand throughout the Caribbean and Africa. “We believe the partnership is monumental to commercializing our creative industry in the Caribbean. We are very grateful for the faith Rockers Takeover as placed in us.”

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KINGSTON, Jamaica – Elderly care and assisted living have become quite the partnership in today’s society. A significant part of the Jamaican population (at home and abroad) are approaching that age and stage of their lives and are opting for a home away from home living for ease and sometimes more comfort.

Health-trained professionals, to include, but not limited to nursing are getting into the field of entrepreneurship to provide assisted-living services for this age-group.

Living Room

Once such business is Premier Nursing Solutions which is run by a nurse with over 12-years’ experience. When we spoke to her, Nurse Mattis, as she is affectionately called, she told us that, “in the research done assisted living allows a bit more independence and costs a bit less than nursing home care but is more expensive than an independent living facility. However, the costs depend on the level of care the resident requires as well as the location and housing type. Contracts can be all-inclusive or a la carte and may be on a month-to-month basis or longer term.”


She believes Jamaica is ready for this type of business and she is ready to offer that service in Kingston for those in need. Mattis is aware of the competition and knows there are a few facilities across the island.

We asked her a few questions about the business:

How did this business idea come about? 

Premier Nursing Solutions was founded in November 2018. The CEO and founder a Registered Nurse with over twelve (12) years’ experience noticed that the standard for elderly care had decreased significantly and the lack of assisted living facilities specifically. This concern was further exacerbated when a search commenced to find a long-term caregiver for her father-in-law. Realizing that there was a real and growing need for various forms of elderly care in Jamaica, the idea was born to establish a pioneer this facility.

How has your training as a nurse influenced your decision to do this? 

My training and experience over the past fourteen (14) years have offered me insight into Jamaica’s healthcare system, and the limited options available for elderly care and improved quality of life. These have convinced me that ageing needs to be rethought to assure the best standards for our elderly. Various forms of care need to be available, as clients will have different demands based on their needs. This is compounded by Jamaica’s development as a nation, steadily increasing the life expectancy of her citizens by at least one (1) decade over the last fifty (50) years.

Who are you targeting? 

This is not limited. Whilst the facility will attract those who are ill and in need of such appropriate care, it can also be a very fitting retirement facility for local citizens who are living alone or returning residents. The amenities are designed to provide a sense of community, but also to assure privacy, convenience, and independence.

Define the specific services.

The facility will initially provide assisted living, short term/Respite Care (a week to few months), Adult Day Care (a few hours to week), Recovery Care, and Alzheimer’s/ Dementia Care.

Talk about affordability and how folks can access the facility

The facility’s base price provides a wide range of amenities which are competitive by any market standard. For a detailed view of complete amenities, interested clients are invited to contact us via the following sources:

Mobile: (876) 442-5538/ (876) 403-9581


Instagram: @premiernursingja

Facebook: premiernursingsolutions


The property is now available for viewing.

Who are your care providers and what special training do they come with? 

Our Care Team is a diverse group of medical professionals. This includes our on-call doctor, family medical doctor, registered nurses with different specialties (i.e. emergency, public health and geriatric care), geriatric practical nurses, nutritionist and physiotherapist. All our nurses are trained in basic life support (BLS).

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Rebel Salute 2020 – Come for the show, stay for the experience

When the band strikes the first note on Friday, January 17, it would signal the 27th staging of Rebel Salute. The festival which was first a one night event, has now turned into a massive two-day festival catering to a wide and diverse audience globally.

This year’s renewal will feature the experience of a lifetime with great music from Reggae Artistes. Patrick Barrett, aka, Tony Rebel, host of the event, along with his team, says “this year’s line up for both evening will showcase over 700 hits across the talent that will be on show. That is quite a remarkable feat.”

What is happening now, 9 days before the start of the show is the full suite of artistes rehearsing at studio locations across Kingston. This is where the artistes and their teams come to perfect their performances. They appear with back up singers, band members and even some of the managers stop by.

Chevaughn who is on the Friday line up, had a session

While Errol Dunkley of Black Cinderella fame, gave a shout out to the fans to join him on Saturday, January 18

The stage manager is there on location and provides support to the crews that come in and ensures that the times allocated are adhered to.

The show welcomes 49 per cent of the total audience from overseas and this, according to Tony Rebel, “indicates that the show is a fitting product for music lovers at home and abroad.”

The Grammy-nominated Reggae Album Group, Steel Pulse will be on stage on Friday along with Toots and the Maytals, Sanchez, Chi Chi Ching, Kenyatta Hill – to name a few; while on Saturday, Moses Davis (Beenie Man), Jessie Royal, Tony Tuff, Chronnic Law and Benjy Myaz are among the stars to be on the show.

There is comedy with Johnny and Friends on Friday. While on Saturday a dub plate show case featuring Jack Scorpio (Jamaica) and DynamQ Sound (South Sudan) will be a highlight on Saturday.

The village will present an eclectic presentation of art and craft and the now popular herb curb, with Dr Julius Garvey as a special guest.

Tickets are available at

The two-day show, held at the Grizzlys Plantation Cove, Priory, St Ann is one you won’t want to miss. Gates open at 5pm and show starts promptly at 7pm.

Come for the music, stay for the experience – after all, it is the Peoples Show.

See you there

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Girls Trip – You should try one

Long before the 2017 American comedy Girls Trip with the star-studded cast of Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith, Regina Hall and Tiffany Haddish, the trips were a thing.

I did two of such trips in 2019 and they were therapeutic. I would therefore like to recommend a few reasons why women of all ages should take a Girls Trip.

Beach Front, Ocho Rios, JAMAICA

Before I get into the reasons though, it is a time when you can sample a new set of experiences to include, food, wine, attractions, sport, theatre, music among a few things.

  1. You can do this from as early as college. Girls Trip can be used to conduct research for that final paper before graduation; or if there is a conference you want to go to network, plan a few days around it.
  2. After College, it is a way to have a reunion with your circle, especially if everybody moved back home and got new and exciting jobs/projects and it will provide a great opportunity for updates face to face.
  3. If you keep in touch with your friends from as far back as high school, then here is another reason. Even within the big-group reunion, there is always room for four/five of you (who are close) to reconnect.
  4. Girls Trips can also be fun for sport. Say the Summer Olympics which is coming up (July 24 to August 9) in Tokyo, Japan. I don’t need to add anything more on this one.
  5. Work friends can use it to unwind, once you can all get vacation at the same time
  6. If you are part of service clubs, community groups, a small group from either team can take a trip too.

Travel Tips

  • Make a budget
  • Four/five days are good (especially if it is the first)
  • Check the weather and pack accordingly
  • Select a team leader (she will create an agenda)
  • Use miles
  • Book for the airport closest to the hotel
  • Book room for at least two each
  • Look up the great restaurants
  • See what events are on so you can book tickets early
  • Check if it is more reasonable to do Uber/Lyft – or rent a car

These trips are usually shared expenses and if you suggest an activity outside of what was agreed, ensure there is enough notice. Also, plan an hour or so and do a gift exchange, preferably on the last evening before departure. You can pick up on hints on what each other like, so that should be easy. And take loads of pictures. – the memories are what matter.

So, start calling your girlfriends from school college or work, and plan a trip for 2020. You will be glad you did. Go for the fun, enjoy the experience.


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How to watch sport with your man/woman

Ladies – I have some suggestions for you when you accompany your male spouse to a sporting event. First off, lots of other women follow sport and are BIG fans, so, like me, we know the athletes, coaches and we develop friendships over time with the men in the crowd. So, if you are attending for the first time
1. Be pleasant (especially when you are being greeted)
2. Do not sit there looking bored – take a book if you plan not to watch
3. If your intention is just to “watch” the man; opt to stay home
4. Try and learn even a little about the sport/school/club the man supports
5. Take a snack bag with the things he likes and share them with him during a match
6. You may also choose to go buy him a drink (preferably a beer) during half time, so he can discuss the match with his friends. Also, you may see another friend from your own high school college or even your workplace, yes other women do the same as you are doing
Just make yourself comfortable.

7. If you are not interested in the sport, stay home. Remember, he will come home after each match.


Suggestions for the men who have Women Who Love Sport
1. If you have no interest in the sport – Stay Home
2. You may offer to drop off and pick up
3. She may also choose to go with friends; so plan a drink up at home while she is away
4. Don’t text (WhatsApp) too often while she is there
5. If you decide to go… Take a book or your kindle – if you are not interested in the event, you will be bored
6. Take a snack bag with chips, or cooler (if allowed) with your favorite beverage
7. At half time, pop by the bar, snack counter – offer her a drink, some of us drink 🙂
8. At the end of the match, go back to your book/kindle while she runs a review of the match – half an hour is good
9. When you are walking back to the car, expect a few stops
10. When on the ride home, never ask who was that guy in the purple shirt, you may regret asking
11. Support your woman if she loves sport, know the schedule of the season/s; so when she off every Wednesday/Saturday you know where she is.

Next post will be on the TV edition! Until next time

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Create | Protect | Earn with IPMG

KINGSTON, Jamaica -” A forum that outlines how to commercialize your creative and cultural assets through a carefully crafted programme is one that is truly needed,” this according to O’Neil Walters, CEO of the newly formed Intellectual Property Mining Group (IPMG). 

That forum will be available come Wednesday, November 13. The event will focus on three key areas of research, marketing and how to value your brand, under the theme ‘Create. Protect. Earn.’

Presentations will be made by IP Research Specialist – Dean McKellar; Media/Marketing Specialist, O’Neil Walters and Marketing Specialist, Carole Beckford – all of whom will share in a case study style their experiences on how they have successfully managed and delivered winning projects throughout their careers while also showcasing influential current global trends.

The Forum will target creative industry practitioners inclusive of officials in businesses that have among their portfolio, sponsorship, marketing, public relations and communications around segments of the Orange Economy. 

Walters wants the forum to seek to strengthen the capacity but also deepen the relationships with persons who manage lifestyle personality brands/organizations in key areas of sport, music and entertainment. 


Among the highlights of the event will be a CEO Vision Lounge which will feature leaders of corporate organizations who have had the experience and those who seek to know how “the present landscape will shape how they integrate the creative elements of Jamaica into their Corporate campaigns.” 

The event will run from 3:00 to 6:00 pm and will include a business executives’ lyme (networking session) with one of IPMG’s clients, DJ Kurt Riley, who will provide entertainment. It is an all- inclusive event for just $10,000. We invite all to register interest and get listed at 

DJ Kurt Riley

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What of Jamaica Sport?

KINGSTON, Jamaica – Over the next three to five years, Jamaican superstar athletes will be involved in a series of global and international Games and Championships in several disciplines. Football, Cricket, Track and Field, Netball, Basketball, Swimming (diving) and Volleyball are just some of the sport that will see considerable action.

Most, if not all of the events, will take place out of the Caribbean region, which offers an opportunity for the (Brand) Jamaica to strengthen and deepen its roots in the global space.

From as long as 1948, Jamaican athletes have long established themselves as superstars and have continued to do so in traditional and non-traditional areas.

Yona Knight-Wisdom, for example, just finished second in the 3 metres British Diving competition in preparation for upcoming World Championships in South Korea (July) and European Championship in Ukraine (August) all towards aiming for the 2020 Summer Olympic Games, scheduled for Japan.

Yona Knight Wisdom

The Reggae Girlz will take the field for the first time at this level on Sunday, June 9 against Brazil, in the FIFA Women’s World Cup. The Reggae Boyz are in the Gold Cup as they look to campaign for the 2022 World Cup. There is a long list of football competitions to take place in all age groups on the turf and even in the sand.

Netball heads to Liverpool this summer for what could be a great chance for the Sunshine Girls to climb to number one.

In the last quarter, track and field will dominate with the World Championships and will be the first time since Osaka (2007) that Usain Bolt won’t be competing. We wait to see what that will look, feel and sound like.

That summarizes the outward events. And from all indications, the national federations along with the Jamaica Olympic Association (JOA) have their work cut out for them.


What of incoming events though? And how will Jamaica benefit from earnings from the global sport industry? Time for a sport agency of known skill and repute to make this happen. We continue to skirt and dance around with the possibilities.

Time for the upgraded version of Jamaica Sport to return – an agency with skills, resources and the requisite financial backing to coordinate island sport tours, major and targeted sport events with franchises, national and international teams and personalities.

This was written some time ago – Bring back Jamaica Sport

It is time, to #CallTheGame

One Love!