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Strengthening Jamaica’s Sport Industry

Last time we spoke I had some ideas of who I believe can deliver on what is required to secure and enhance the work of Jamaica’s Sports Industry. 

Before I offer those suggestions, I have to talk about Reggae Month and last Saturday (February 25) and how a series of sports and entertainment events created economic activities for industry professionals; while providing fun and excitement for patrons from home and abroad. 

The music scene was energized with the events of Reggae Month which are on until Tuesday, February 28. But what happened this past weekend with: 

  • Gibson MCCook Relays 
  • Jamaica Premier League (Football) 
  • Footloose 
  • Bass Odyssey Sound Fest 
  • It’s the 90s 
  • Soca Jam 
  • Lost in Time Festival 
  • Horse Racing at Caymanas Park 

… there was more than enough entertainment to go around for the discerning public. 

Just about three years ago, this month (February), news confirmed that the Covid-19 pandemic was about to disrupt lives outside. Since then events have come back with a bang. 

A team is assembling some data on the weekend and as soon as those are available they will be released. 

SPORT IN JAMAICA 2023 & beyond 

I offered an idea of who I believe can make this Business of Sport work with the following structure: 

The Government of the day should be able to make the best persons available for the roles of Minister and Minister of State. I have my own ideas on which members of the current team can, but I would not want to offend a soul. 

  • Ministry of Sport
    • Minister 
    • Minister of State 
    • Permanent Secretary 
    • Sport Director
      • Research Officer 
      • Operations Officer 
      • Policy Officer 
      • Associations Liaison 

Sport Agency (Sport Development Foundation)

  • CEO
    • Directors of
      • Marketing, Research, Finance 
    • Corporate Planner (to deal with bilaterals, administration, academic development, infrastructure
    • Legal 
    • Event Manager (incoming and outgoing delegations, permits, venue updates) 
    • Venues and Facilities


  • Think Tank this May (2023) to look at 2024 – 2030
    • Align with the Vision 2030 
  • Prepare a master calendar up to 2030
    • Incoming events 
    • Outgoing events 
    • Update and upgrade venues with capacity and capabilities 
    • Assessment of which sporting disciplines are:
      • Mass
      • Economic drivers 
      • Network possibilities 
      • International Competitions 
      • Tourism-attractive 
      • Recreation 

There are some planned renovations of sporting facilities across the island and with that, the capacity to provide preparation spaces for sports people and hosting of a variety events should be the target based on the research conducted above. 

The recent announcement to have a soft launch for a National Sport Registry in April 2023, is timely and should be used as the repository (database) to speak to who we are preparing for the future. The registry by summary will and should collect data that can be useful to know how we define our athletes based on: 

  • The preparation plan for athletes in phases 
  • What are the nutritional and medical needs 
  • Geographical peculiarities of the athletes 

I am recommending we designate “active communities” to include schools and clubs to be able to track and monitor the athletes to be covered under the registry for three to five years. Run the reports and evaluate the information. For the athletes that we have information now, use them as a sample to implement brand strengthening. 

We are just below 500 days to #Paris2024 (July 26 – August 11, 2024) – we should enter these Summer Games as a more formidable sporting brand with the leadership of track and field, which has lead for over six decades. 

Let’s Stay in the Game.


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