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COMING SOON: Pitch sessions for Sport Business Solutions

Jamaica continues to dominate sport and news pages with the exploits of some of its elite athletes globally. The time is always right and ripe for more people to get involved. The Business of Sport is always poised for explosion on and off the field.

Jamaica remains a sport destination, one where athletes from several sporting disciplines are prepared for national, regional and international competition.

The business also continues to employ managers, agents, lawyers, financiers and a whole range of technical officials, helping to guide performances and businesses in the right direction. The media and production units also play a major role in broadcast and creation of content to the world.

What has been missing are business solutions that can aid in making the experience at a sporting event better, more efficient while remaining cost-effective. This is what the business of sport looks like in 2023 and beyond.

Since the covid-19 pandemic, we have had a chance, globally, to rethink how athletes, brands and fan interact. And now with some restrictions eased where fans are back out in numbers, we ought to have more efficient and user-friendly applications.


This calls for an opportunity for young entrepreneurs to create. Ideas will be welcome in a two-day pitch session which will have a look at business ideas in three key areas:

  • Operations – concession, parking, ticketing, security, venue management
  • Athlete Performance – data collection, talent management, injury management, gear
  • Fan Engagement – fans in and outside of venues, sales, advertising

All sporting disciplines should be considered from A – Z. Individuals/Groups (not more than 5) can create ideas and pitch to sport leaders for up to 15 minutes, this April in Kingston. The pitch session will target participants 18 years and older who may want to explore those options.

The pitches will be judged based on design, development and talent; in other words, the “wow” factor, the simple, easy-to-use factor and how cost effective it can be developed.

Details on how to participate will be launched by the end of February.


By carolebeckford

Strategic and competitive marketing and communications specialist with public relations skills and contacts to get you great exposure for your investment.

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