Calling on GG to declare two days for clean up

The following is an appeal to the Governor General to declare November 1 & 2 as Clean up Days for the island. 

It has become obvious to all who travel across the island that the place is piling up with garbage. There are some communities which have frequent collection, while some have not. The NSWMA have announced that trucks are on the way, but we can get ahead of the game and start putting garbage where it belongs. 

The appeal is on several levels and we are asking people to: 

  1. Dump trash in the receptacles available 
  2. Placed plastic in blue bins or larger garbage bags 
  3. Start compost containers once you have the space 

The amount of garbage if it remains uncollected, can start to affect all of us. 
I think the three weeks is sufficient to mobilise the agencies with responsibility to get all the equipment in place. This should be an activity which has the support of the 63 MPs and the 228 Councillors. 
I urge all of us to get on board. 


By carolebeckford

Strategic and competitive marketing and communications specialist with public relations skills and contacts to get you great exposure for your investment.

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