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Girls Trip – You should try one

Long before the 2017 American comedy Girls Trip with the star-studded cast of Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith, Regina Hall and Tiffany Haddish, the trips were a thing.

I did two of such trips in 2019 and they were therapeutic. I would therefore like to recommend a few reasons why women of all ages should take a Girls Trip.

Beach Front, Ocho Rios, JAMAICA

Before I get into the reasons though, it is a time when you can sample a new set of experiences to include, food, wine, attractions, sport, theatre, music among a few things.

  1. You can do this from as early as college. Girls Trip can be used to conduct research for that final paper before graduation; or if there is a conference you want to go to network, plan a few days around it.
  2. After College, it is a way to have a reunion with your circle, especially if everybody moved back home and got new and exciting jobs/projects and it will provide a great opportunity for updates face to face.
  3. If you keep in touch with your friends from as far back as high school, then here is another reason. Even within the big-group reunion, there is always room for four/five of you (who are close) to reconnect.
  4. Girls Trips can also be fun for sport. Say the Summer Olympics which is coming up (July 24 to August 9) in Tokyo, Japan. I don’t need to add anything more on this one.
  5. Work friends can use it to unwind, once you can all get vacation at the same time
  6. If you are part of service clubs, community groups, a small group from either team can take a trip too.

Travel Tips

  • Make a budget
  • Four/five days are good (especially if it is the first)
  • Check the weather and pack accordingly
  • Select a team leader (she will create an agenda)
  • Use miles
  • Book for the airport closest to the hotel
  • Book room for at least two each
  • Look up the great restaurants
  • See what events are on so you can book tickets early
  • Check if it is more reasonable to do Uber/Lyft – or rent a car

These trips are usually shared expenses and if you suggest an activity outside of what was agreed, ensure there is enough notice. Also, plan an hour or so and do a gift exchange, preferably on the last evening before departure. You can pick up on hints on what each other like, so that should be easy. And take loads of pictures. – the memories are what matter.

So, start calling your girlfriends from school college or work, and plan a trip for 2020. You will be glad you did. Go for the fun, enjoy the experience.



A sport aficionado who writes, researches and presents on everything sport. A second book is out to prove her work's reach. She reads in her spare time.

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