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Everybody needs friends

When one has a good friend life can become so much easier. Friendship can be defined as having mutual respect and trust. I know it can be complicated, but we will look at the types of friends you may have throughout your life and how you manage them.

I was challenged by my friend Kim to do this, so I am giving this my best shot. I guess I can also tell you a little about the friendship Kim and I have. We have other mutual friends. Started on Facebook and then we eventually met. Only to find out our paths crossed while we were both on the job a while back. That said, we share a few things in common, sport, drinks, photography and music. She is quite the adventurer, one of the types of friends I will describe for you later.

Everybody needs friends. EVERYBODY. So, no matter how much a loner you think you are (like I can be); you need a friend. That is the basis on which this piece is being written.

Friendship suggests LOYALTY – so the loyal friend is called today the “ride or die” – this is someone who you probably know from prep/primary school and knows everything about you and can be called upon at any time of day/night for anything. This friend is like family. This friendship is significant and is a priority.

Then there is the brutally honest friend, one who matter what, tells you the truth about life, love, work, children, food, clothes you name it, they tell it as they see it. This could also be a loyal friend, who is also brutally honest. Be happy if you have two wrapped in one. This is the friend that you ask an opinion if you are considering entering a singing contest, going on a date, buying a new car or taking a new job.

There is that friend who is like a “big brother/sister” – the one who offers the “best advice”. Now this has nothing to do with loyalty per se, it is called mentorship. This person would be an older, wiser friend who has tried, failed a few times and is now successful. They know the lay of the land and will guide you accordingly. I have one of those.

You need a friend who is outside of your culture. One who can be a touring partner when you are heading the other side of the world. Like attending games, concerts and to understand how others exist outside of your little space. Yes, I said little. The experience with someone your equal from another culture can only enhance what you already know. You meet these folks at a conference, for example, and you stay in touch.  Tip here: Travel to conferences and workshops outside of your region.

Aristotle is believed to have said that there are three types of friends you need.

  1. Utility
  2. Pleasure
  3. Good

I will leave you to figure this out.

Back to the other types of friends I am describing for you. Work Friend? Hmmmm – this one is tricky and must be well thought out. It has a lot to do with which department, who reports to who; workplace friendships can be hard; but it is worth a shot.

The adventurous friend comes in a few different stages of life. Well, from my experience, this is the friend you can call at 1am and go for a drink; take a long drive out to talk or book a ticket to go watch a concert in Los Angeles, Colombia or Brazil. This is the friend who takes vacation for carnival and CHAMPS every year, no matter what. This is also the friend who will go bungy jumping, walk across the Sydney bridge and go skiing on the Alps; or maybe even test-drive at GTR Nissan at the race way in Connecticut. I know you get my drift.

We are coming down to the wire. I will group the rest of categories. There is the neighbor who is and can be a friend. There is a friend who is ALWAYS late – you love them still, but you know the drill. Then, last, but not least, the one who is always drunk *eyes open wide* – yes, we all have those. No further comment needed.

Friends, all of us have them. Friends, all of us need them. Manage your life in the best way possible with a friend of your choice. If you have any three of the above, I mentioned, in one person or in three different persons, you are off to a great start.

My two tips to close

  • Be a friend to someone today
  • Call a friend who you have not spoken to in a while



A sport aficionado who writes, researches and presents on everything sport. A second book is out to prove her work's reach. She reads in her spare time.

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