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Public Life – Manage it

It is always going to be tough being a public figure, much less an international superstar. What that status means is: 

  1. You are a subject of discussion for a lot of people 
  2. Some will like you, some won’t 
  3. Media will dig deep in your past; they will use it as they deem fit – remember sensationalism sells 
  4. If the status comes with increased earnings, you will have more friends and family members 
  5. The rules change. 

Here are some tips to stay aware, but to help you cope 

  1. Surround yourself with a (small) team that will tell you the truth 
  2. Heed the advice 
  3. Focus on the reason you got the status and keep working on it to improve 
  4. Every now and again, take a break from all the “noise” 
  5. Never be afraid to get professional help

The more you give, the more people expect. 

Just thought, I’d share these thoughts. 



A sport aficionado who writes, researches and presents on everything sport. A second book is out to prove her work's reach. She reads in her spare time.

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