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Bring back the Social Agenda

Sunday, January 28, 2018


Dear Prime Minister

I would like to offer you a few suggestions as you contemplate a Cabinet reshuffle. No need to emphasize the crisis we currently face as it is there for all of us to see, hear and feel.

In the mid 90s, a programme called the Social Agenda was developed and was never implemented. The programme at the time had two basic goals

  1. To reduce poverty
  2. To empower two main groups; Youth at Risk; Communities

This was initially created as a public education programme; and I think, your team should consider reframing this programme to stem the issues we are facing.

The objectives are clear:

  • to communicate Government’s determination to address the social problems of the nation
  • to educate members of the public of the various services available for support for persons considered to be a part of the poverty group
  • to educate the public on practical approaches to promoting health, community development, a wholesome environment and the development of the nation’s children
  • to provide progress reports on the implementation of the programme to show trends, growth and the areas that may need to be readdressed

I would therefore like you to consider a Ministry of Education, Youth and Social Development to incorporate the Social Development Commission (SDC) and the National Youth Service (NYS) as the main agencies. Why Education? Because they can continue to focus on the formal process of which Compulsory Education MUST be considered. If we can create a five-year plan with a determined focus on this, we can achieve social growth that will ease the ills we currently face.

There are key roles for Government and Private Sector to offer employment to the skilled set from these groups with an attendant compulsory employment programme.

Based on what is needed, I believe Floyd Green from your team fits in this role to lead the change we need. I crave your indulgence Mr Prime Minister. I am also available to clarify or answer any questions you may have.

Concerned Jamaican

Carole Beckford.



A sport aficionado who writes, researches and presents on everything sport. A second book is out to prove her work's reach. She reads in her spare time.

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