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Jamaica and Football Leadership

Football, potentially the sport to bring biggest economic returns to Jamaica is searching for a new President. Since Jamaica’s qualification to the World Cup in 1998, successes have been intermittent.

Football is the richest sport globally. Football also has the biggest television audience globally. Outside of the National Basketball Association (NBA), USA-based, football players combined represent the highest paid athletes in the world. That says a lot; but doesn’t quite add up for Jamaica.

Read here for reference

The search for a new President to lead Jamaica into the 2022 and 2026 World Cups (which should be the aim); must be based on a number of things. I will attempt to highlight some qualities, skill-sets and maybe even personality traits of who I think the leader should have most if not all.

The person should be

  • A Leader
  • A Manager
  • A mobilizer
  • A doer
  • A visionary

That leader should be a contemporary leader, one who can take us from vision to reality. There are some key success factors that this leader should be able to manage in the vision to reality road. He/She must be aware of the:

  • Political
  • Economic
  • Social
  • Technological

…impact the sport has to offer and therefore requires a team that can deliver with all this in mind. I know some of you are reading this and saying, but that is storybook type leadership. True, these things are written in books, but having worked in a few sporting organizations, I can tell you of the value of these factors.

In plain language though…it is important to have someone who knows the lay of the land; but should possess the pizzazz needed to transform national expectations to international goals, while attending to the needs of the boardroom.

The business of football is massive and with so many options to choose from in terms of income stream for athletes; income stream for countries via hosting of events and just the networking opportunities; Jamaica must seek to mobilize the best sporting mind to lead what could one of the biggest decisions we are due to take in Jamaica in a long time.

My suggestion is: go rational and not emotional; think with your head and not your heart. At the risk of sounding cold, pick the person who can transform the football in Jamaica into the most successful sporting bodies.

I won’t use this article to pick who I think is best to lead, but what I can say is the person exists in Jamaica.

What this means therefore is

  • Fix the schools’ programme (Manning and Dacosta Cups)
  • Fix the club system (make it more manageable and meaningful)
  • Prepare an international calendar
  • Host more matches at home (the office is a great location)
  • Negotiate good deals for broadcast
  • Expand your manager roles in your clubs. Have people who know the business manage players for the best results
  • Grow the business so experts/employees get paid competitive salaries

Nationally, we need to:

  • Improve playing facilities
    • Only use certified grounds
  • Review roster of officials
  • Have a better mix of experts at the top

Football globally has enough politics…so I say “stay away from the politicians.”

Jamaica needs a well-run football programme to sustain its stay as a sporting brand with all the returns necessary. Choose wisely!



A sport aficionado who writes, researches and presents on everything sport. A second book is out to prove her work's reach. She reads in her spare time.

One thought on “Jamaica and Football Leadership

  1. As Salaam Alaikum (Peace be unto you)
    i open with a question as follows; would it be a disrespect to football and other football playing nations that a country without at least a semi-professional league qualifying For world cups, with that said i will recall “two greats”,who’s comments still rings in my mind that of Lindy Delapenha and René Simões , Mr. Delapenha said in a sport program back in 1978 when that Camper-down high school manning cup team won the manning cup, he said that the media has made stars of these players when they have not yet entered a professional setup, hence I am in agreement with you on “fix the manning cup” and if i may i’d like to add “to fix it’ is to have the clubs get the mileage that media and big sponsors gives to this age group of players and to support clubs achieving this there will have to be a incubation period since school is a “ready-made crowd” simply because I am cheering for my school attended or of my choice since there are several girls only school, then let the school be a part of a draft system and possibly that the weaker teams get the best player of that season “country or town” this is not new the draft system of the North-America Basketball Association (N.B.A) could be copied a the sample set up and like that system that player cant leave that club for a duration of ten years at twenty-eight or younger would be fit for the world stage ,i believe this would build leadership,stars of a higher caliber this would bring out the communities to see and cheer their School mates as well as community even if he is playing for a community distance from his own . this already gives locally, teams would not have a monopoly on best players but would have to invest in the further development of this player Star or Semi-star, this would see tier sponsorship the big guys behind the club and not picking best of eight to flow the league almost competing with other structured finals at the expense of these young footballers, Club level where there is no need for companies to jostle for shirt bragging i recall when D&G sponsored the Minor league which was under 17 and this was corporate area community football that fed the manning cup squads across the area so for example eleven boys from a team could be playing for eleven different clubs and team trades would be sanctioned by a director this league set-up that would not replace school football but transfer the greater publicity fanfare and all the glory that comes with winning to club level and not school level , So the school would now act as a school should and not as clubs as they do presently. I close with Mr. Simões comment of many comments on the standard of the nations football set up. He said that Jamaica’s footballers had perfected doing the wrong things. please don’t hold me to being verbatim. I believe the Manning and Dacosta- Cup are part of this perfection of the wrong things that he speaks, well he’s from a country when Hundreds of clubs exists and his country (Brazil) have won five times, and they are the only team to have played in every tournament. so spot the potential at club’s and feed the clubs with the potentials the schools will benefit but the bragging rights advertisement endorsements and any other meant .Clubs.

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