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Ticketing Solution for ISSA and CHAMPS

March 29 – Here’s a suggestion for ISSA and tickets for 2018 CHAMPS

1. Have an international ticketing solution that can have patrons purchase online
2. Ensure the seating for the National Stadium is also online so people can choose seats.
3. I know the Stadium seating was reduced for patrons in 2002 (15 years ago) so here’s how you handle that part

a. Allocate seating in this way
i) Overseas/Diaspora – 10 per cent
ii) Season pass holders – 15 per cent
iii) Regular patrons – 50 per cent
iv) Sponsors – 15 per cent
v) Walk ins – 10 per cent

We can’t have such an international meet with the best performances on the track and field anywhere in the world and not have first-class services to back that up. ISSA’s way is BACKWARD and not in keeping with any international standards at all. Also I suggested we do this too:

1. Have online tickets available one month before
2. Sell tickets from the Box office – two weeks before
3. Increase tickets each year by up to 11 per cent – to keep out the scalpers

Patrons will pay with a first class service. I am really bothered that in 2017, we operating like we in the dark ages. Additionally if ISSA want additional revenue they may make better use of the Hospitality Suites at the Stadium. I hope we can improve on this very important issue.


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2 thoughts on “Ticketing Solution for ISSA and CHAMPS

  1. Do you think ISSA will adopt any of your suggestions?

    Cheryl T.A In everything give god thanks

    Sent from my iPad


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