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Chronixx and Adidas – music and sport – play

March 12 – In 2015, one headline read – Adidas is having a huge year, thanks to Kayne and Pharrell; in 2016 Pharrell is boosting sales more than… while in a lifestyle publication somewhere else, A Deep Dive into Spezial, Adidas’ best kept secret. This was obviously part of the company’s ongoing efforts to add entertainment to its current focus of sport.

Adidas is more known for sporting greats and this link has an updated list of all the sport teams and athletes they have supported from all the way back in 1936 when USA great, Jesse Owen wore Adidas in the Summer Olympic Games.

The corporate site found at this link has a more updated version of what is profiled now and it is an interesting trek – take a look when you have a chance

In the Caribbean, some names associated with the German, 68-year old company are Jamaica’s Yohan Blake, Veronica Campbell Brown and Bahamian Shaunae Miller.

In 2015, while Adidas became more popular on social media than Nike, the sales from Nike’s basketball shoes managed to outsell their Adidas counterparts 92 per cent to 5.5 per cent. Adidas has since acquired big-name players like, James Harden, John Wall, Derrick Rose and Tim Duncan, to name a few.

Anyway, back to the music the combined impact that Kanye, Pharrell and Chronixx combine to 37.1 million just on Twitter. The three have distinct characteristics which are endearing to the public and even with the differences in the three, they are common in the partnership with Adidas.

Chronixx has a tough act to follow and with all the valuable exposure he has had on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon in recent years, his concerts in Central Park along with his ongoing schedule, he is readying for becoming a Brand Ambassador for Adidas.


Chronixx is Jamaican. He epitomizes the essence of Jamaica and from all signs, has the potential to be a major player on the international music scene. This relationship with Adidas is one which, if played strategically, could take him places.

The music and sport mix will work. The music and sport mix has worked. The music and sport mix will continue to work. Chronixx and Adidas are just the latest example. See the full story here

We salute you Chronixx!



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One thought on “Chronixx and Adidas – music and sport – play

  1. Up Up Up!
    Proud of Chronixx, man.
    Jamaica standing up these days.
    International and all these things.

    — Blessings

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