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The facts about the WICB & Cameron

March 18 – Today I am also going to talk about the WICB under Dave Cameron and a team he has assembled along with the Cricket Community. He became President March 2013 and since then, the following has happened
1. There are now 90 First Class players contracted – what this means, they have a (cricket) job
2. There are 11 women who are contracted – same rule as above
3. There are 15 players who are “retained” – at a significantly higher salary than the other two groups
4. We have a number of players on pay-per-play
5. The 50-over version of the game has been expanded. This year 27 games in 18 days
6. The Regional 4Day has also been expanded – two seasons of 10 rounds of games – first time in the history of 1st class cricket
7. The CPL is the region’s T20 (yes it is) it is a partnership with the WICB – with additional salaries ranging from US$5,000 – US$150,000 per game + incentives
8. The players have windows to ply their trade overseas and the IPL schedule is open to all those who qualify
9. The deficit has been reduced and in the last Financial year which ended Sep 30, 2015 a surplus of US$3.5 million was reached
10. WIPA & WICB have a much better relationship & the astronomical legal fees have moved from 2.4 million to under 400K last year.

Let us talk about CHANGE – and the impact 116 paid players have on different economies in the region. That has to be sustained so the teams can compete with their peers worldwide.

Since 1928 – the West Indies has had 19 interruptions in tours and while we do not want to see walk outs – they happen. How we manage that going forward is key.

Some conservative figures…Cricket alone can account for anywhere up from US$100million a year of business in the region and that figure does not include athletes’ endorsements. All of our players live in the region. That can triple in three years – give it time. This is considerable based on the size of our economies in the region. This figure does not include what individual countries earn when we host a tour.

We want CHANGE – let’s be the change and play our respective roles.


A sport aficionado who writes, researches and presents on everything sport. A second book is out to prove her work's reach. She reads in her spare time.

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