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KINGSTON, December 3 – The new deadline is Friday, December 5 at 3:00 pm for production ready scripts and/or treatments for Short Films and Documentaries that have the potential to be developed as full length features at a later date.

“The Call has so far attracted over 40 submissions across all genres and we are pleased with the response. However we had a minor glitch in our online system on Tuesday and we are extending the time to accommodate those who still want to apply,” said Film Commissioner, Carole Beckford.

All final payments of J$2,500 must be paid on Friday on or before 3:00 pm


Aspiring, emerging and established filmmakers SCRIPT PARAMETERS The Film Commission is seeking writing and directing partners to develop content of any kind including animation, fact-based stories or fiction etc.

  • Shot on location in Jamaica, highlighting Jamaica, its culture and people
  • Utilising Jamaican music whose rights can be secured within budget
  • Scripted, produced, directed with crew that includes Jamaicans
  • No longer than 40 minutes in length

While this is a script/treatment call at this time, the Film Commission will be seeking partial funding for the productions which are selected for the Jamaica Film Festival 2015; conditions will apply. The Film Commission will also coordinate and facilitate workshops during the period up to May 2015 to provide technical and administrative support.


  • Scripts/Treatments will be reviewed by a panel through a pitch session on Tuesday, December 9 and Wednesday, December 10; the writer along with the director/producer can be part of the pitch
  • The final projects will be announced Wednesday, December 17,
  • Selected projects will go into production thereafter up to June 2015 by which we expect all post production will be done
  • Entries will be judged the last two weeks in June and awards will be identified


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