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Nesta’s Rock Rehearsal

Almost nine weeks before the grand opening of Nesta’s Rock in Kingston, the rehearsal sessions are going great according to Director, Danielle Stiebel. The Jamaica Musical Theatre Company and Tuff Gong International are partnering for this masterpiece due out January 9, 2015.

The performances are scheduled for the Phillip Sherlock Centre for the Creative Arts at the University of the West Indies, Mona and will run for seven weeks. A special Broadway-type performance is due on the birthday (February 6) of the late great Robert Nesta Marley, whose life has inspired the piece.

Stiebel and her team are rehearsing up to three times a week to ensure that all acts and scenes are ready. They will move rehearsals to the venue at least two weeks before where the set, costumes and other accessories should be ready. The cast was selected from three hectic days in September this year.

The cast is 50, but the crew and management team almost doubles that number to include sound, lighting, music, wardrobe, stage, front office and chaperones are included.

Samantha Chinyee is one of the writers but doubles as a director for specific scenes. I visited the rehearsal and was delighted at the preparation 20141105_194256

The age range runs from nine to 21 and comes from a cross-section of schools in Kingston

Nesta’s Rock is an original musical production inspired by the childhood of Robert Nesta Marley and follows a young boy, Ness, who is growing up in Kingston with many big hopes and dreams. Nesta’s big dreams are met with some ridicule from his friends and he soon after finds himself on a magical journey, transported to the whimsical farming village of Nine Mile. He is greeted by three mischievous birds, BEEBEE, MIMI and RIRI. Nesta finds himself caught in the hustle and bustle of Harvest day, concerned only about finding his way back home. Instead, he is taken to ‘Kingston Town’ by his friend Nella. Nesta discovers himself and his inner strength through music and in so doing helps an entire town (Kingston Town) of people discover their own power to overcome the difficulties they face; a true legacy of Bob Marley and his music. The production will also see the remake of popular Bob Marley tracks, such as Trench Town Rock, Redemption Song, Could You Be Loved and others.


According to CEO of the Marley Group of Companies, Cedella Marley who has authored the children’s books ‘One Love’ and ‘Three Little Birds’, of which, the latter produced a children’s musical of the same name earlier this year, “The Group through Tuff Gong International is very happy to be associated with the upcoming production as the life of our father Bob Marley continues to inspire the young and the old as we continue to spread his positive message to the younger generation”.


Producer at JMTC Danielle Stiebel noted that “the Jamaica Junior Theatre is indeed honored to be given such an opportunity of creating a Jamaican musical centered on thelegacy of Bob Marley. This is a great opportunity for the the Company and Musical Theatre in Jamaica to truly showcase its international appeal and reach. Very happy persons can experience another of the many facets of Brand Jamaica”


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