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KINGSTON, October 17 – Jamaica’s live music scene is “ready and open for business,” all it needs is customers to fill up the space. Before I explain why I would like to introduce you to the #OnTour Concept – a four concert series staged in Portmore, Kingston, Och Rios and Montego Bay with the expected two hour performance from artistes. It is the really the theatre-style approach to the live music shows.

The #OnTour concept was developed by O.N.E Entertainment, lead by the team of Bobby Chantrelle and Martin Lewis with a team of technically capable professionals who aim to
* Start the show on time
* Have great lighting
*Offer excellent sound
* Presents an artist which can be appreciated and enjoyed across a wide demographic

So far the series has featured Tarrus Riley and Morgan Heritage and while the latter has not been complete yet, the show has delivered based on quality of artiste and technical production.

I have attended both shows so far and the sound was so good for both, that the two hours seemed short.

A message I want to offer patrons…when a show is advertised for the Little Theatre for example for 8:00 pm, you ought to be on time as the theatre epitomises what show business is all about, precision in time and performance, backed by excellent lighting and sound. After all, that is really all you need.

Martin and Bobby are dedicated to this concept and for the month of November you can only ask who.

One thing is sure though, the back end/production will be A-Class.

The exporters and manufacturers have insisted on the message, ‘Eat what you grow, grow what you eat’ – maybe that can also work with the music industry and instead of creating such as hard wall on our artistes, we should attempt to be more accommodating to them. Offer them to the opportunity to make you feel happy by listening and attending shows where they are.

I could hazard a guess by suggesting that the fans of Tarrus Riley and Morgan Heritage around the world are lining up for tickets to see them, maybe, just maybe, we should make an effort to attend a show the next time you see the local acts on show.

Follow Tarrus here
Also get to Morgan Heritage go here

Wonder who will it be next month?


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