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Creative Industries Open Day

KINGSTON, September 23 – JAMPRO’s Creative Industries Department will host an Open Day for the industry on Wednesday, October 1 from 1:00 – 7:00 pm at its head office in Kingston. The agency’s President, Diane Edwards, announced its intention to continue its focus on creating ways and means in which the industry members create/produce content, have it distributed in markets where there is good return on its investment, earn significantly while being able to protect intellectual property.

The Open Day is primarily aimed at capturing information from practitioners in the Film, Music, Theatre, Dance, TV, Literary, Fashion and related groups and to explore business matchmaking opportunities within the Jamaican context, but to ultimately match them with international partners.

The President noted that Jamaica has long been known to attract and facilitate international production houses, projects ranging from feature films to commercials, photo shoots and even television series, she wants to be able to inspire and initiate ways and means in which the local industry can generate far more content for the international market. She cited a range of business models from which Jamaica could benefit, but insisted that “Jamaica has great content, if properly packaged can make better inroads on screens, television sets and other media platforms.”

The President was giving an update on what the Unit has been able to achieve in the first half of the financial year. Since her arrival at the agency a year ago “a strategic move was made to shift the focus on the Creative Industries department to the Export and services side of the the business in order to bring more focus on how we can help local talent, internationalize itself,” noted the president. She added that she wants to see more use of the cultural products in productions “while adopting the best practices and creating a synergy with film, music and the performing arts.”

The Open-Day will focus on a few things
Identify areas and categories of skill sets in the industry from all areas
Create linkage opportunities
Identify areas of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
To involve private and other public sector bodies making them aware of what the industry has as a potential
A roster will be set up to cover the six hour event and industry professionals will be posted for Q&A each half an hour.
Film Commissioner/Manager, Creative Industries Manager, Carole Beckford, added that “the event will have a wide cross-section of industry officials to offer valuable information and to seek new partners.”


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