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In celebration of the 450th anniversary of Shakespeare’s birth, Shakespeare’s Globe, has embarked on a tour of Hamlet to all 205 countries in the world. Popularly dubbed ‘Globe to Globe Hamlet’ and directed by the Globe’s Artistic Director, Dominic Dromgoole the tour takes theatre lovers on an unprecedented theatrical adventure.

Theatre Director Peter Brook said: “The six simplest words in the English language are TO BE OR NOT TO BE. There is hardly a corner of the planet where these words have not been translated. Even in English, those who can’t speak the language will at once recognise the sound and exclaim ‘Shakespeare!’ Hamlet is the most all encompassing of Shakespeare’s plays. Everyone, young or old can today find an immediate identification with its characters, their pains and their interrogations. To take Hamlet in its original language around the world is a bold and dynamic project. It can bring a rich journey of discovery to new audiences everywhere.”

The Arts Foundation of the Edna Manley College and First Global Bank with partners Jamaica National, Surrey Paving and the Pan Jamaican Investment Trust join the world in celebration as co-host of the Globe to Globe Hamlet production in Jamaica on Tuesday August 26th, 2014.

The show begins at 7:00 pm at the Little Theatre and tickets are available at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts for J$5,000.00 each. The proceeds of the event will go towards scholarships and grants for students at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts.

The small-scale production, which toured the UK, Europe and the United States in 2011 and 2012, is a fresh version of Shakespeare’s classic tragedy of deferred revenge that emphasizes the play’s humour and celebrates the exuberance and invention of its language. A new cast of just eight actors will perform over two dozen parts on a stripped-down booth stage in a brisk two hours and forty minutes. The New York Times applauded “a production that prizes efficiency, clarity, accessibility and above all energy”, the Mexican newspaper La Jornada called it “bright, light and nimble” and in Austria Die Presse described it as “boisterous, funny, fast-paced and highly musical”, while the Daily Telegraph praised its “young, unjaded and open-hearted” portrayal of the Danish prince.

The EMCVPA is particularly intrigued and excited that the production has originated from the new Globe Theatre in the tradition and style of the original players and looks forward to being a part of the global circuit showcasing this prestigious production

For further information contact Coleen Douglas at 876-468-5409/920-4633 or or



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