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JAMPRO issues call for Toronto Film Festival


Dear Filmmakers and Television Producers:

JAMPRO through its Film Commission will participate in this year’s Toronto International Film Festival in September. The Film Commission will be seeking investment for Jamaican film, animation and TV shows in development and various stages of production. In addition, the Commission will showcase completed film and TV products seeking distribution and broadcasts, as well as promote Jamaica as a location for films and television. In this effort, we plan to meet with film producers, distributor, potential investors and international film business.

As you may know, the Toronto International Film Festival is one of the most important film festivals in the world, and important for the marketing machine of Hollywood and independent cinema.

The Film Commission is offering the opportunity to showcase your film projects in the Film Commission’s official marketing material for a fee of J$30,000. The collateral will be distributed widely at the Festival to key film industry.

If you are interested in including your film and/or TV show in the slate of products that we plan to showcase in Toronto, please email us – at kmafundikwa@jamprocorp.comas soon as possible.

Kindly send the details of your project as requested below (at PROJECT DETAILS) by Wednesday, August 13.

Please send the details about your film or television show, in the format requested below, Thursday, August 14 at 2:00 pm



Name of Project:

Genre and Stage of Production: (i.e. whether you are in development, production, post-production or completed)



If you are seeking completion funds, indicate about (attach budget):



Contact info:

Synopsis (What is the story? What is the show about?)

Director’s Bio or Company Info

What are you seeking?  – Distribution, Investment, Completion Funds?

What rights are available?

If the project is completed and has been broadcast or shown already, give details. List any awards.


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2 thoughts on “JAMPRO issues call for Toronto Film Festival

  1. I want to be a part of the festival.
    I have an Award winning film here in the USA. Forgiveness lessons of life 101 Inspired by my book “The Journey A Warrior’s Resilient Spirit”
    Please give me info on how to enter.

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