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My (The) View on Barbara Walters

The 84-year-old grand dame of broadcast journalism in the USA, Barbara Walters said her good bye to The View today on ABC. In a much publicized departure, the woman who has been in media for over five decades has interviewed world stars in politics, entertainment and sports during that time.
Her career was one of a kind of sequence where she started out as a segment producer and a writer for a NBC programme in 1962, the year Jamaica became independent. I would not dare make any comparisons to Barbara and Jamaica, so let us move on.
Barbara leaves a legacy of paving the way for other women and that was obvious from the outpouring of love on ABC over the last week. Oprah, Hillary Clinton, Connie Chung, Katie Couric were among some of the media stars who showed up on The View to offer their reactions. What was obvious was the way each of them said the same thing about Barbara “she opened the doors for all of us.”
Here are some points I took from all the celebrations
• A journalist should always find time to read (Barbara read every morning as much as she could)
• Always listen to your subjects in an interview
• Be sure to update/upgrade your skills set while remaining relevant
• Take time to refresh thoughts and ideas
• Young journalists should work the variety of media outlets to grow, once you mature choose the most appropriate one
• Don’t fear the competition, embrace it
• Travel if you can, there are so many things to learn from other cultures
• And if nothing else, help someone to knock on the “door” or even breakthrough
Barbara existed in a media culture which remains first world in terms of access but some of the basic rules can still apply.



A sport aficionado who writes, researches and presents on everything sport. A second book is out to prove her work's reach. She reads in her spare time.

One thought on “My (The) View on Barbara Walters

  1. I watched her being interviewed last week and I agree with your comments. She is really a an ICON. She has opened many doors or women in journalism

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