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State of the Music Symposium

State of the Music Symposium

JAMPRO Business Auditorium

18 Trafalgar Road, Kingston 10

March 1 & 2

Starting at 12 noon each day






  • The Jamaican Music Economy(Old/New Creative Economy Initiatives)
  • The State of Music Education
  • Music Production – How relevant are professional recording facilities with the rise of home-studio technology?
  • The Changing Business Models




  • The State of Legislation: Media and Music
  • The Business of Music Events, Festivals and Promotion
  • Artiste Management and Music Business Personnel Development
  • Operations and Associations: How to make them more efficient and effective?
  • The State of Music, Film and Publishing
  • The Way Forward






Email: stateofthemusic@gmail.comImage


A sport aficionado who writes, researches and presents on everything sport. A second book is out to prove her work's reach. She reads in her spare time.

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