Piracy and Protection – Copyright in the Broadcast Industry

Samuda & Johnson in partnership with Strategic Corporate Interventions will be presenting an all day symposium titled “Piracy & Protection: Copyright in the Broadcast Industry” on February 18, 2014 

The seminar is geared towards providing practical advice and encouraging discourse on the regulation of the television (cable & free-to-air) and music broadcast industries in Jamaica. In addition to presentations by local, regional and international players in the broadcast industry including television executives, legal counsel and regulatory officials the seminar will also include panel discussions and interactive workshops aimed at delivering practical guidance to members of the media and broadcast industries at all levels.

Presenters include representatives of NBC Universal and Turner Broadcasting Systems Inc and the Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad & Tobago.

Workshop Presenters include Chantal Hylton-Tonnes, CEO of CPTC who will present on the topic ‘Content Management & Distribution’ and Marissa Longsworth, Director of Copyright & Related Rights at the Jamaica Intellectual Property Office whose workshop will address ‘ Copyright Enforcement in Music’ .

To participate, email piracyandprotection2014@gmail.com or call 754 5637/8 

Venue: Jamaica Pegasus, Tuesday, February 18 at 8:00 am 


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