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The Voice – Season Five – Tessanne Chin

Here is a sumamry of some comments I found online about Tessanne that may make you realise how outstanding Tessanne’s voice really is (was) on The Voice 


I also a Whitney Houston fan and for Tessanne to tackle that song, Unbelieveable! Awesome! Flawless! Way to go!


Tessanne all the way! Jackie’s got talent but her voice lacks maturity and she is constantly screaming. Vote for Tessanne!


I agree that Jacqui’s voice is not yet seasoned like they say in the music industry. She cannot handle the big classic songs because she makes them sound too girly. I am bored with her singing and she tries too hard to go high then she goes off key and pitchy. Tessanne does big classic songs and make them her own, the original artists should be all very proud. I have been watching the Voice since the beginning and she is the greatest.


Curmudgeon we were all watching the same Voice, however we all hear what we want to hear and choose. Jacqui’s voice is ok but she is not seasoned yet, her voice is too girly and when she goes high she goes off key especially when singing great classic songs, she is lacking the real grit in her voice that comes from deep down, the ones that give people goose bumps. Maybe you are voting for her looks but this is a singing contest. Tessanne is the strongest singer to ever appear on the voice and she will win this.


There was no contest , Tessane is the clear winner, Jackie voice is disturbing but what do you expect with a coach like Christiana, she over sell how young she started to distract people from Jackie flaws. Take a chill pill Tina we all know your story, you are as uncaring as they come, the show is not about you. It would be nice to see you get off your high horse and treat people with respect, your facial expression says it all. Jackie take a step back and grow, maybe you will do great things but not right now. Tessane and Adam thank you for this season experience.


It’s hard to imagine that this wonderful woman only gets better every time she sings. Coach Adam challenged her with songs that would normally have stumped the best of singers, but Tessanne has proven to be an extraordinary world-class vocalist who has grown to diva status right before our eyes. Her virtuosity, range, and emotional performances included covers of Pink; Emeli Sande; Gladys Knight; No Doubt; Jimmy Cliff; Bob Marley; Kelly Clarkson; Katy Perry; Simon & Garfunkel and now the late and very revered Whitney Houston. Tessanne rendered this moving tribute with so much passion, power and technical flawlessness that one could only think that Whitney was channeled through her. I predict that Tessanne’s career is going to soar to stardom, and that we will have the pleasure of seeing and hearing years and years of her command performances. Sail on Silver Girl; Sail on Songbird!Image



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