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KINGSTON – November 19 – Jamaica’s Sporting Administrators are benefiting from an International Olympic Committee (IOC) programme – the Advancement Sport Management Course (ASMC), now on at the Jamaica Olympic Association (JOA) office in Kingston. A total of 33 candidates have been participating in the course which began September 28 and will run until January 11, 2014.


“I am pleased to announce that no one has dropped out of the course since it started and I want to mention this against the background of an industry in Jamaica, largely run by volunteers,” said a cheerful sounding JOA President, Mike Fennell.

Fennell added that “the attendance so far has shown the commitment and dedication of the sports administrators and their focus on building a stronger foundation for the benefit of athletes under their guidance.”

The candidates have come from 11 sporting disciplines along with private, public and academic institutions. There is one high school senior among the group.


The ASMC is being delivered in six modules and takes an in depth look at organising, managing, human resource management, finance and planning, marketing and planning a major sporting event and is offered using face-to-face, online, and field work interactions for the 106 day period and covering 75 hours of tuition.

The JOA President says he is keen on ensuring that the sports administrators “get involved in training and development based on the international standards, while having an opportunity to build the capacity of their own associations and the ASMC provides that framework. The dynamics and demands of sports management change each day and unless our leaders and managers remain on the cutting edge, then the industry won’t grow. We continuously emphasize that just as how athletes have to train consistently to improve performance, so do administrators to achieve higher standards.”

The course is now half way through and the modules which have dealt with organising, managing and human resource planning are now complete. Candidates are also involved in cross training and for the rest of this calendar year, will attend each other’s sporting associations’ meetings to observe proceedings.

Fennell himself was one of the guest presenters and another JOA stalwart, Compton Rodney will zone in on the accounting and budgeting areas to be discussed in the next module. JOA, director, Yvonne Kong, under whose portfolio this course falls, is making plans for a second course to be offered starting April 2014.

The course director, trained by the IOC, facilitating this six-module course is Carole Beckford. She participated in the IOC programme in 2010.


Contact:               Mike Fennell, Yvonne Kong – Jamaica Olympic Association – (876) 927 3017/8




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