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November 14, 2013

Consequent to the receipt of the anti-doping report written by the WADA review team, Natalie Neita Headley, the Minister of Sport of Jamaica, met with the WADA Director General David Howman to respond to the recommendations made. WADA is satisfied that the Minister has accepted the practical suggestions it made and now looks forward to their full implementation in the coming weeks.
These include the invitation to an established NADO to work with JADCO at an operational level, an acknowledgement by the Minister to undertake a legislative review of anti-doping law in Jamaica, along with the evaluation of JADCO’s governance and management structure. The Minister has indicated that an additional budgetary contribution of eight million Jamaican dollars ($8m Jamaican) is to be made to JADCO to assist with these advances. The Minister has also confirmed that most of the vacant posts in operations have been filled.
The Government of Jamaica has made a clear commitment to address any deficiencies that exist, and to improve on the efficiency and efficacy of the anti-doping program in Jamaica. WADA will continue to work with JADCO in the interest of dope-free sport and the protection of its clean athletes.

Ben Nichols
Senior Manager, Media Relations and Communications
Responsable principal, relations média et communication

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