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Jamaica’s ‘Bread and Butta’

#TheVoiceisBack with Jamaica’s Tessanne Chin and for two consecutive nights, Jamaicans all around the world gathered around television sets to see this ‘songbird’. On Monday, September 23 it was like waiting on a hurricane so what a let down it was when the new season 5, night one, did not have Tessanne….but the tweets, facebook posts, watsapp messages, bbms flew.

The moment for me though was the “hail’ from Sir Jimmy Cliff

So on Tuesday evening lots of people rushed home to catch the two-hour airing of the new season to see where in the line-up Tessanne would fall…she was rotated heavily in the promo so we knew for sure – Tuesday night was it. But take a step back and look what husband Michael Cuffe Jr tweeted when he went to work on Tuesday morning

Getting dirty looks from everyone at work who was looking for @tessanne</a> last night. Second times a charm people

All in all, that TESSANNE performance brought lots of Jamaicans together, some who have never watched The Voice, but got a taste of something that Jamaica will be highlighted for the new season. The good thing is it won’t disrupt the Thursday schedule where the Scandal Gladiators will be glued as of October 3 – just kidding!

My work at JAMPRO back in the day, had me interacting with Tessanne and her dad for brief moments and they were always pleasant and we remembered when she went to MIDEM. She blew them away then, and she continues.

Lessons learnt


The creative sector needs a massive injection of investment in dollars, policy, programmes geared to improve a better understanding, more understanding stakeholders (partnership) and an education system poised to prepare the explosion that industry is still experiencing worldwide. The major studies indicate that the creative sector to include sport, fashion, music and other related arts will grow even in the recession up to 11 per cent up to the next 10 – 15 years (KPMG & Peat Marwick).

While this sector remains largely intangible because of its ‘feel good’ nature, it surely can excite attention in other areas of Jamaica’s productive life to engage other sector leaders to join forces with the creative sector for a strategic partnership.

I am well aware some of my more learned friends will shrug at this proposition, but I want us to consider this as something we can track and monitor for the next five to ten years. Focus a lot more on education, use of technology, marketing, packaging of this industry and let’s see how it takes us ahead.

Just a thought!

I caught the performance on TV on the west coast feed on NBC although the performance was leaked before airing, but I like to watch these things. Here are some reactions from my point-of-view


“if music be the food of love, play on, give me excess of it.” – Shakespeare




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