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Limacol Caribbean Premier League T20

The news of Limacol being a sponsor for the Caribbean’s inaugural (franchise-styled) Premier league in cricket spread through the region like wild fire. Most of the people under 30 wondered what Limacol was and did extensive research on this fresh scented liquid. So by the time July 30 came, most people who watched cricket were ready for this competition. 

The team from CPLT20 moved around the region in droves and saw to it that the games which were played in six territories were well managed. The opener in Barbados was a stunner, and nothing changed since then. 

The Elite cricketers from the region each captained a team from Hawkbills (Antigua); Tridents (Barbados); Amazon Warriors (Guyana); Tallawahs (Jamaica); Zouks (St. Lucia) and Red Steel (Trinidad & Tobago). The teams all had an eclectic mix of athletic, skilled, shy, explosive and exciting players. 

There was a suggestion that the mix may not work; however with Kieron Pollard captaining the B’dos Tridents to three straight wins in B’dos, the tone and pace were set. The scores for each game were looking to be somewhere from 93 – 176 runs in the allotted 20 overs. 

The West Indies Cricket Board along with its partners CPL, Digicel, Virgin, Limacol were well represented at all venues and by the time the tournament ended Hollywood came and will stay. 2Guns star Mark Wahlberg and Law Abiding Citizen’s star, Gerald Butler were two of the early investors, while Sir Richard Branson showed his hands early. 

The inaugural tournament has been hailed a massive success

Some stand outs were obvious through the tournament – Hawksbills’ Sheldon Cotterrell; Amazon Warriors’ Krishmar Santokie and Sunil Narine; Red Steel’s Nicholas Pooran and the obviously well executed leadership from the Caribbean Elite Stars. 

What was also more noticeable were the faces of Curtly Ambrose, Gordon Greenidge, Desmond Haynes and Sir Vivian Richards on the benches of teams and a cross-section of sport officials to include managers, physiotherapists and coaches. The CPL model is here to stay and the cricket can only grow from this initiative.

There were impressive displays from the internationals from other regions most of whom enjoyed the Caribbean ‘party’ – Vernon Philander was the true honorary Jamaican. 


The integration of the Caribbean players and officials with the other international stars is what can benefit the growth and further development of cricket and in copying what the NBA and other elite sport franchises too, it makes for a great formula. 

Check out the team again if you missed them

The dates have been set for the 2014 renewal from July 5 to August 10 and the arguments have already started to swirl. Certainly the biggest one is the lack of lights at Sabina Park. Take a look at action from the day-time game in Kingston 


So in summary – CPL T 20 – in 2013 – 25 days, sold out and packed games, wins, losses, parties, one winner – Jamaica Tallawahs 



The Caribbean remains a potpourri of great talent on display in a destination conducive to great sporting moments. The inaugural Limacol, CPLT20 was just that. 

Let’s build on this for next year and WELCOME TO THE BIGGEST PARTY IN SPORT. 




A sport aficionado who writes, researches and presents on everything sport. A second book is out to prove her work's reach. She reads in her spare time.

3 thoughts on “Limacol Caribbean Premier League T20

  1. Curious about the potential for expansion. Too early, perhaps, but there are so many talented young players throughout the region, and with the possibility that some additional international stars might be attracted, it would be a pity to diminish the prospects of the young aspirants. An eventual expansion to eight teams might be a good move. In about 2015?

  2. Hopefully the likes of Dhoni and Kohli will get their chance to the add to a great Caribbean spectacle in future CPLs, 2015 onwards – India tour England 2014. This could give the CPL a massive reach across the Indian market.

    Will the Talawahs be in the next T20 Champions League?

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