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Sporting Organisations and the Media

“When an organisation enjoys a professional relationship with the media, it can be said that the organisation has already achieved half its objectives.” – Ruben Acosta Hernandez, FIVB President


Sporting organisations must seek to understand the mission of the various media and seek to develop key messages to communicate effectively. The sporting organisation must seek to nurture a special relationship with different types of media – radio, television, online publications, magazines, journals while gaining access to new media. 

We all know that the mission of the media is to communicate to the public and so if sporting organisations continue to feed media frenzy then the wrong information will always be perpetuated. 

Here are some ways sporting associations can help to get their information to the right public

  • Hire a Communications Expert 
  • Prepare proper schedules for the season so patrons can know way ahead of time 
  • Start events on time 
  • Profile your best assets
  • Train the athletes and other officials to be comfortable with the media 
  • Attend workshops and seminars from time to time 
  • Engage in community outreach 

There are times when negative news makes good press, but those come from controversial decision from match officials and the story then becomes the decision and less about the players. Those are becoming more frequent these days as umpires and referees are imposing themselves more in games….the electronic evidence is there for TV viewers. Some sports have stayed away from the technology, but only a matter of time. 

Competitive sport will never survive without the media, so here are some more tips 

  • Be effective – send results out on time 
  • Keep it continuous – make information available all the time
  • Make it professional but not personal 
  • Be open – always communicate the truth 

The media has developed expectations and so sporting organisations have to be more alert and aware of what is happening around them to be able to communicate effectively and efficiently. Also host an open-house every now and again. Image



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One thought on “Sporting Organisations and the Media

  1. “Be effective – send results out on time
    Keep it continuous – make information available all the time
    Make it professional but not personal
    Be open – always communicate the truth”

    Well said. I’d have loved to see an angle on social media too – especially considering the fact that so many prominent media houses are looking at, and sometimes even relying on social media for their stories. This is an angle I think I will address soon…

    But overall I agree, a good relationship with the media and athletes trained in media relations are very important.

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