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Diary of a Sport Journalist

Sport Journalism, like the sport industry, has grown leaps and bounds. The Sport Journalist has become one of the most important members of the editorial team and sometimes the most envied. The sport teams/franchises are some of the richest organisations in the world and they do employ a significant portion of any society. There are now lots of stories to cover on and off the field and in the boardroom.

What makes a Sport Journalist tick? Is is the scores, the stadiums, is it meeting the stars of teams, the fastest men and women, or the greatest basketballer of all time? Whatever it is, Sport has been on more front pages in the last decade than ever before. 

Google any sport figure and the millions of options you get is unbelievable. I googled Manchester United and I got 449,000,000 options to chose from (June 9)…and I googled Andre Agassi (retired tennis player) and I got 4,800,000 options. What does that say about the Sport industry. Now with Twitter, Facebook, Ten Cent, Tumblr, PinInterest, Instagram and franchises having their own TV networks, more and more information is generated and consumed. We are living in a sport generation. 

The good Sport Journalists focus on accuracy, fairness, objectivity, ethical standards, we allow our readers, listeners and viewers feel like they want to be there; while we also try to capture public’s opinion to make it believable. 

What should remain at the core of the publications in whatever forum, must be to maintain integrity at all times so that one becomes a credible and trusted source. 

We are aware of the pitfalls, drug scandals, match fixing, gambling, drugs etc and so in maintaining the integrity of our work we have to maintain fairness and objectivity. Do those really exist?

The Sport Industry is a gold-mine and in the Diary of a Sport Journalist – these are the days we live for. 

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A sport aficionado who writes, researches and presents on everything sport. A second book is out to prove her work's reach. She reads in her spare time.

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