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Sport PR lecture – NYU

Recently I had the pleasure of being a guest lecturer of Sport PR at the NYU and I spoke about my experience among a number of other related topics. What was key to note though was the awareness of Jamaica as a strong sporting brand. A lot of our top athletes were known in the areas of track and field, basketball, soccer and cricket. The class was a truly international one with students from all across the globe. I noticed the number of Asian students, all of whom said they were to return to their respective countries. The US students were from all over too and the diversity was rich.

I explored the argument of PR in those regions as the approach was certainly different, but pursuing a Masters in the US offered a wide perspective.

This was the basis of my conversation with the Graduate group

The explosion of the Worldwide Sport Industry has not only opened doors for athletes, sport managers and franchises to make more money, but it has also created an opportunity for strategic public relations to be much more relevant for reputation management. The reputation of any sporting entity whether it is a personality or an organisation, has to be managed to maintain standards as set by:
• The Athlete
• The Organisation
• The Community
• The Sponsors

The expert PR professionals build an information package which can be delivered to the public by way of news, data and images and plays a valuable role in promotion in an attempt to attract interest converted to an increase in fan base and paying patrons.

NYU Lecture 3



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