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Jamaica’s Social Agenda

I am challenging a Government Minister, Agency to partner with us to execute this so well needed programme 



  • There is need for a social action plan which will establish the need for a reduction of poverty over a two year period (based on a current/pressing need)
  • We are all at risk, but there is need to convert the change of mindset among groups to include – inner city communities, poverty stricken communities, corporate Jamaica and the wider school community
  • The approach will be multi-faceted so as to provide a total programme and to link the benefits of the specific target groups


The public education programme seeks to provide information on the requirements of the social agenda and the issues that are faced by persons needing to benefit from the programme. The programme is also aimed at bringing to the attention, to the general public the impact of the social agenda policy and programmes as set by the Government.

The programme is set to inform both users of the programme as well as persons who will direct and be directed the services being offered to help to solve the problem


  • to communicate Government’s determination to address the social problems of the nation
  • to educate members of the public of the various services available for support for persons considered to be a part of the poverty group
  • to educate the public on practical approaches to promoting health, community development, a wholesome environment and the development of the nation’s children
  • to present the individual programmes as single initiatives put forward by the Government
  • to provide progress reports on the implementation of the programme so as to show trends, growth and the areas that may need to be readdressed


  1. children living on the streets, inner city or homes
  2. unemployed youth
  3. street people
  4. social workers/educators
  5. service/social clubs and other private sector groups
  6. the NGO community
  7. all government ministries, departments and statutory bodies
  8. professional bodies
  9. media fraternity
  10. church/cultural communities
  11. cultural organisations
  12. the public


A multimedia plan is to be enforced so as to achieve the goals of the national programme. The programme will include mass and face to face styles to include community meetings from the regional centres and the dissemination of news releases for commercial media – electronic and print, plus advertising and special publications where necessary.

The subjects in the Social Agenda programme are many so the aim is to group them in related areas according to the broad subjects they entail

  • Children – Rights of the child, early childhood stimulation, parenting, education (compulsory education), dental health, breastfeeding
  • Community development – values and attitudes, work ethic and national development
  • Health – drug abuse and prevention, AIDS/STDs, national health insurance plan
  • Environment – environmental health

Because of the nature of these groups, meetings at the top level are recommended so as to achieve a common goal. The results of these meetings will be made public, as the JIS will form an integral part of this group from the conceptual level. The JIS will be available on a continual basis.


  • News stories (Editorial department) the releases will look at the development of the programme and how it impacts on various communities
  • Feature articles (Editorial and PR) articles will look at the successes of the programme and hear endorsements from those who have significantly benefitted
  • Photo opportunities (Editorial) awardees of programmes at the end of short and long term programmes, along with community activities that are ongoing to be used with along with the news and feature stories
  • Interviews with radio and television will feature continuous updates to maintain an ongoing presence of the work being done to highlight the various aspects of the programme
  • Radio programmes using role play, campaigns etc
  • Television programmes are aimed at reflecting the visual aspect  of the articles featured

Note: This plan was submitted in 2006, September, long before Social Media emerged. Of course those platforms would have to be included 



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